John of Holywood

I was randomly browsing Wikipedia, and came across 13th century Johannes de Sacrobosco.

For someone who seems to be considered an authority for centuries after, there seems to some conflicting details on his life.
Just wondering if he was a Hermetic Mage who magically persuaded the University of Paris to let him teach and publish books.
Or am I overthinking this?

Sacrobosco was a teacher of the Quadrivium (A&A p.12) at Paris University and wrote texts on decimal ('arab') numbers, the computus (determining the date of easter) and ptolemaic astronomy, which were at the height of his time and soon became influential at university.

It looks like the dates of his life beyond his books were only followed up centuries later, leaving ample room for creative incorporation into Mythic Europe. He also might just not have been a political or otherwise colorful character at the university, or was overshadowed by Alexander of Hales.

For some different inspiration about a magus trying for a university career, you might take a look at De Anima in the last Sub Rosa - #22 - so far.

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