Journey to Waddenzee (summer 1240)

Fleur blushes- a rare occurrence indeed, and returns a curtsy to his bow "Swift of tongue you say? That sounds quite... intriguing."

He does a little trick with his eyebrows and smiles.
Then two youg boys, about six-ish, come running out the front door. [color=blue]Unca Thor! Unca Thor! They shout with glee as they run to Odinsson. They are followed by a large young man, tall and obese.
[color=blue]Well met Thor! And good timing. I am just about finished roasting an auroch.

From what Fleur knows, is it possible these boys are Vulcanus' sons?

"Me?" Lucas says to Frey. "Why I'm here to help Antoine recover something that was stolen. Vulcanis stole a sword and we've come to get it back. By any chance you haven't heard of a sword of note supposedly owned by Vulcanis?"

Frey has no idea about the sword. Other than to say the Nidvillar expedition Thor spoke of might have something to do with that.
As for the boys, Thor confirms their identities.
[color=red]This is Modi and Magni, the sons of Vulcanus named for the sons that prophecy said I shall sire one day.

Fleur smiles and asks the boys, where Thor can hear "Well let us see how much you have learned about the Order of Hermes. Can either of you list what the houses are?"

Lucas nods at the house and asks Frey, "Is that Vulcanus' house? And who's the fellow who just roasted an Auroch?"

They look confused.
[color=red]You mean like manor house, long house, cottage, dog house, and different typs of houses?
The question you asked would require a score of at least 1 in Order of Hermes Lore. These kids are all of six years old or thereabouts. Not even a single xp to spare.
Side note: if anyone has a character with no score in OoH Lore, they know nothing about the function or structure of the Order or that there are Houses. Even if a magus. No score, you maybe know your House exists and there may be others but no idea what they are named.

"Okay, lets try something simple. Has your father already opened your arts?"

There are some continuity issues- the receptionist says the boys should only be six, but that they are clearly older, and age faster in Asguard. At the same time you described them as having been born in 1230, which would put them at age 10, plus whatever extra aging comes from time dilation in Asguard, but here they are 6 years old...

all of which greatly impacts how useful they will be as apprentices...

Never trust the receptionist. They always lie. Especially Gemma.
Ryu (Vulcanus/Tiana) departed the timeline at around 1234, so I rough estimate about six. Maybe seven or eight. It really doesn't matter. They are Schrodinger cats. Basically, they look and act "therabouts" that age.

[color=blue]Yeah, our father is teaching us the arts of melting and hammering. When we gets older he will teach us the sword arts and the runes. I already know the letters to spell my name!
[tab][/tab][size=50][color=red]... bath house, bird house, public house, out house, round house, tech house, disco house, house flambeau, fire house, porter house, boat house, house munso, house of horror, school house, light house, house of mouse, andicankeepgoingandgoing...

"Has he taught you anything of magic?"

Magni looks confused, not knowing how (or if) to answer.
[color=blue]We are not old enough for swords or runes yet. If that's what you mean. Dad says that is the real magic. Makin' stuff. But like I said, I already learned how to spell my name. I can do it with Lattin letters and rune letters. They look the same pretty much. Well, those four letters do sorta. Dad says that Odin's Gift applies to speaking words, not writing, so he is pretty impressed. With me. Not Modi. He is a stupid head that can't color in the lines. And he has poo poo breath.
[color=red]Do not!
[color=blue]Do so!

And they start brawling. With fists of thunder and lightning. Thor laughs at their childish mirth.

To save some time, these kids are not wizards or apprentice magi or anything like that. They are being trained as weaponsmiths. The apparently have some sort of magic power. But it is not spellcasting. More like mutant superpowers. If you drop parma, you get no Gifted bad vibes from them.

"Well, Cornelius, it appears that I had bad information. I don't know if you would want to wait for Vulcanus for him to confirm these appearances, in case it should ever go the other way. I was under the impression he had left his wife to raise these children because they were Gifted. It appears I will need to find an apprentice to foster for a year, would you mind assisting me with that when we return?"

Vulcanus never left his wives. They are both here at Gladshiem. Each child has a different mother, twin sisters, but were born on the same day. And the boys have indeed inherited some sort of magic power, though it is unknown from which parent. Probably the mothers though, as they are the ones who claim to be related to Thor (and indeed look the part). The twins were about 14 at the time, and will be about 20 at this moment. I suggest you try to meet them. They are inside the longhouse.

Fleur mutters "I thought these were them, and Fedora was his wife. These customs of marriage are so peculiar." as she heads into the longhouse.

OOC: seriously, much confusion here, I thought you had indicated the two six years olds were the boys in question, had that you had confirmed this multiple ways...

I apologize for any confusion. Thos thread has gone on a while and I forget what I have said and didn't say.
Vulcanus has had at least three wives / baby-mammas. His children by Fedora are with Fedora in Barcelona. She also has a son from a previous mate. These two boys are the kids in question. I have mentioned the twin mothers more than once but it might have gotten obscured by data overload. The boys are not twins. They are half brothers & cousins. Their mothers are twin sisters. Whem I get a chace I will dig up the thread where they are first mentioned.

Fortunately Fleur expects to be confused by formal mating arrangement, which is what she thinks of marriage as, and the confusion over the boys is a bit les understandable, but she heads to the longhouse to meet the other sons of Vulcanus, apparently...

"Can it really be this easy?" Lucas asks Antoine in a quiet aside. "With Vulcanus not here, can you just walk in and get the sword?"

OCC: still waiting to hear a response from Frey to my question.

You are still confused, but it is my fault. These are the sons. His other children by Fedrora (irrelevant at the moment) are in Barcelona. In the longhouse are the mothers of these two boys. The ones that claim to be descended from Thor.
So to clarify...

  • Modi and Magni are the sons of Vulcanus, and are indeed the children in question.
  • His other children are irrelevant and are in Barcelona with Fedora.
  • The Mothers of Modi and Magni are twin buxom redheads. They were at Bellaquin. You have seen them. They are in the longhouse.
  • Your expectations for how these kids are raised and taught do not match what Vulcanus is doing. I myself am not understanding what you expect either.
  • The boys do have some obvious magical power. Whether it was inherited from Vulcanus, their mothers, or is the result of Warping or some such is unknown.
  • These two young ladies bear investigation
  • There was never a wedding ceremony for these women. They were teenage girls when he knocked them up and they are about 20 now. Take note of that age. I am trying to hint at something important here.

What further confusion do you suffer and what can I do to clear things up?

More confusion. I must be really off my game here. Vulcanus has the sword and is currently hiding it somewhere in the land of the Dwarves. That is why he is not here. He left his two sons and their mothers here at Thor's house while he is off on this quest. Frey doesn't have any special knowledge to share.

Perhaps I am too subtle. There is a specific reason why he carts these two women around. It is not because of the boys. If they were what is important, he would just deal with them and abamdon the mothers. He obviously doesn't care about his other kids. The boys are important to their mothers. The women are important for an undisclosed reason. It is not about love or matrimony. He has Gemma at Wadanzee for that.