Journey to Waddenzee (summer 1240)

Of course the Mercere will be upset, especially hearing the way Lucas spins the facts. It is just that Cornelius is very dry and formal when it comes to the law. A Traditionalist.

It helps that it's Vulcanus, and everyone seems to think the worst of Vulcanus. :slight_smile:

Yes. The list of $#!+ lists he is on keeps growing.
Thinking more on Cornelius, he is a Traditionalist with Transitional sympathies. A Pragmatist. And an opportunist. He will feel bad latter. But for now he sees Vera as an asset to Bonisagus and giving her sister what she desires is a play to gain her respect.

Carmen has an idea. Ibiza. Fleur's sanctum is there, and there is a Flambeau on the other side of the island we can introduce Edith to. Lucas, I will see to it the Mercere are compensated. Now about this secret ritual. It is something I have been interested in all along. That's why I am so interested in Fleur's work. Is it truly possible to restore fertility? What do you know of this?

All in all, the carpet is large and several of you can fly. And you can invite Thor & Frey to supper. I sorta wanna wrap this up and move on to the Epilogue and Awards.

"I appreciate your presence and your thoughtful words," Lucas replies. "I've calmed down since I found out about the twins, and I can see that this is something that should be broken to the leadership of House Mercere gently, lest their reaction be as extreme as my own was. Your assurance of compensation will help smooth things over - though I doubt anything can smooth things over with Vulcanus. That man has an uncanny ability to alienate people."

"As for the ritual and the possibility of restoring fertility - I don't know. But I intend to find that out for myself as soon as I can. I don't doubt that the Mercurians in the House will be reluctant to tell me about it, and I'm a Mercere. They'll likely try and stonewall any attempt to learn anything more, denying anything and claiming it's an apprentice's tale - which it may well be."

"Of course, it may not, and in that case, the real question is how far you're willing to push things. If it does exist, House Mercere might be willing to admit it in an effort to keep us quiet about it." He shrugs. "Though I really must admit that I'm amazed that such a secret could be kept this long. I mean, if someone on fertility treatment suddently has a child, that's going to get noticed - at least if the person is a woman."

"And I must say, this has gotten me much more interested in fertility magic myself. If a Mercere magus can have Gifted twins, and a longevity treatment can be reversed, then this is something that's worth investigating."

OOC: Most of Lucas' remaining issues are more long-term, though there are some very important conversations with House Mercere that are coming up. :slight_smile: And yes, by all means let's have Frey and Thor to supper. Lucas would like to get to know the two of them (particularly Frey) better.

Fleur ponders, "I would think a Perdo Vim spell could suspend a longevity potion, it is the notion that this would restore fertility that is the interesting part, and whether this is simply an aspect of suspending the longevity potion or is specific to the method that is used. Oh, hello Frey, yes, we were on our way out. Um, it was very much a pleasure to meet you, and I'm very sorry we couldn't pursue a more lengthy visit. Sorry, I got a bit distracted, actually if there were another way into Asguard than the route we took, I mean I would be interested in communicating with you more and maybe returning at some point and it would be much easier if there were another way to get here... I'm babbling, aren't I?"

[color=green]Just follow the rainbow :smiley: Frey says with a smile.
Carmen guides everyone to Roberto's house on Ibiza, just a few miles from Fleur's cottage on that same island. Carmen sends word through the ortals and has Andorra's top master chef come to prepare a feast. Silveroak, now is the time for that cook character of yours to shine :slight_smile:
We shall see what Volstag thinks after you make a roll.
Thor shows up in his chariot with his buddies. And Modi & Magni also.
[color=red][size=125]Ho there and well met! I moticed you left the boys to ride wil old "unca Thor" one last time. My thanks for that.[/size]

cooking - feast for the gods: 1D10+17 = [3]+17 = 20 Yanni seems to do okay...

When Thor comes by with the boys Fleur will have a quick word with Donna "I know you prefer female apprentices, but there is a bit of a situation with these two boys apparently being magical, I cannot take them. Thor has brought hem here, if you would like to have them as apprentices you aren't exactly covered by the Hermetic code."

Volstagg is very impressed with the young man's culinary skills annd offers to hire him away from you. He will pay a generous salry and offers a bonus of a hundred pounds of gold and a magic wineskin. Carmen shakes her head no, but looks to Fleur for confirmation.
Roberto comes along and is introduced to Edith. He complains that he is looking to train an apprentice from scratch and doesn't want to get involved in any of this. But he is full of bs as always. Edith talks about the trolls and giants she has battled and befuddled, and shows off her skill. She is an expert at magical transport and a Mistress of Wizard's Leap and others. She can leap around quite quickly, and on a mock Dimicatio versus Roberto, she demonstrates she is capable of making several leaps in a single round.
Lucas notices some Mutantes influence. Or something. At one point her bamf lands her right behind Roberto and she uses WL to teleport himfive feet in the air. And it Penetrates!
he lands on his back and the wind is knocked out of him.
[color=red]oomphh!! Well played!
Look. I am willing to be your mentor, but not your Master. I'll give you a full battlefield gauntlet and finish your years of training. But as a full maga with parma. Not my filia. If Cornelius here agrees and the magi gathered here now vote to accept this.
Does that work?
When Thor shows up with the boys, Carmen and some others may look around at each other confused as to how to respond. Cornelius takes initiative.
[color=brown]I had a feeling it would work out like that. None of you are guilty of any depriving. Just goes to show you can get what you want with clean hands if you are clever and paitient. And you have at least seven years to worry about it. My fox was watching the monkey. I know you guys have the Key of Rassalon. I don't care, but if Vulcanus comes to complain I will have to take his side. Your mystery quest was about a sword I thought.
Carmen shakes her head. I stole nothing, but that key is a Valdarian artifact and does not belong to him in the first place. Check the records from ten years ago when we were robbed. That key was on the list of items we reported stolen. Vulcanus is either in cahoots with these thieves or has knowledge of them he is not sharing. I declare him outlaw. Next year after their Tribunal, I will visit Garus and ask that he be declared Orbus!

Keep chatting if you like. But I would like to get awards out of the way. It was a long story, but not a lot of action. Yet some major game changers. I would like to give everyone 12xp and 3 points of Fortune.

OOC: Yanni is less interesting than when I first made him, and most people seem to object to his effect on longevity rolls for those who remember to make use of it- and frankly the idea of him slowly transforming into a magical epitome of breadmaking seems appropriate if you do want the gold and wineskin...

Fleur merely shrugs and says "I would leave this up to him, I think we can trust the honor of the Aesir to take care of him. I think Cornelius might want a few days to question his new apprentice before passing her along, and if we file an official complaint about Vulcanus having had stolen goods, that would be something he could use for leverage as well. "

The decison is yours. It is not an attempt to remove Yanni from the saga. And it shant. It will give Fleur an inside contact to Asgard and will give a plusible background for his magic-quality culinary art.

Cornelius questions the girls before witnesses using Intellego. They never witnessed any theft nor heard speech of involment in theft. However, he did speak of a secret vault somewhere, which he would use to hide things or retrieve them from as needed. He used the key to transport himself there.
The main power of the key is to transport the weilder anywhere they have been before, even accross magical barriers and realm boundaries.
Vulcanus used to mumble about unlocking the secrets of time in the Magic Realm. He also muttered on and on about how brilliant the "trap" had been or will be.
He was in frequent contact with a Verditius magus named Dimir Taar, and had last communicated with him just before taking the family to Asgard. No idea what they talk about. Other than mentioning that the importance of his last visit was becuse "it it tomorrow for him".
The girls have never met this guy.

As for the XP award. Only a small part of this adventure tool place in the Magic Realm. But this was the more involved part and took effort on everyone's part to sew it together.
So the 12xp Award can be split, up to half as Magic Realm vis-xp. The rest (or all) as normal.
How you choose to use or apply this vis may be subject to my discretion.

As for the gold and the magic wineskin, since Yanni is not a slave or thrall (as Volstag mistakenly thought), he gets to keep it. Maybe he splits the gold with his sister?

Yanni will gift his sister enough gold to set up her own weaponsmithing operation, while Donna takes on the two boys as apparently perpetual apprentices...

Fleur will put 4 points each into Magic theory, creo, and terram

Also could I get stats on my new apprentice? At minimum Int and Magic Theory?

Given the dramatic situation that occurred for Lucas, I would like to spend 5 points of his xp to make a transformation, specificially to gain a Minor Virtue and a Minor Flaw. I would like Lucas to get the Flaw Driven (to find out how to guarantee a Gifted child), as he sees that somehow it's possible to have Gifted twins (and then lose them to another house), and the Virtue Inventive Genius to give him the tools to accomplish that goal, as he experiences the wonder of the Magic Realm and gains insight into magic thereby. (Subject to storyteller approval, of course.)

The plan is that Lucas is going to look into helping Fleur (and Cecilio if she's involved too) with Fertility research in an effort to ensure that the Mercere line does not die out. He's seen just how fragile the situation is, and how easy it would be for someone to claim one of the rare Mercere magi. He wants to make certain his house ultimately has enough magi around to survive.

I'd also like to spend 5 xp to master Wings of Daedalus (Stalwart) and put 1 point into Vim.

Trogdor, that sounds fine by me. I like that these links grow organically in play :smiley:
Silveroak, as it happens I have full stats for Vera and Edith both. No stats for Modi and Magni yet. I am planning a trip to the library this weekend and will post them.
But until then and just in case I am too slow...
Vera Belladonna Rudolphius
Int +4, Per +1, Com +2, Pre +2, Str -2, Sta -1, Dex 0, Quik +1
Born 1216, knocked up and Apprenticed in 1232, Bonisnatched in 1240
Virtues & Flaws: +0 The Gift, +1 Apprentice, +3 Control Fertility (Societas, p. 105-106), +3 Mythic Blood-Erique Rudolphius (Lecherous, Stalwart Caster, MMF in Teleportation, Power to Hover About); +1 Arcane Lore, +1 Educated, +1 Great Intelligence, +1 Improved Characteristics, +1 Latent Magic, +1 Privileged Upbringing, +*! Puissant Magic Theory (House Virtue inherited from Vulcanus), +1 Skilled Parens; -3 Difficult Longevity Ritual, -3 Major Story Flaw (lots of stuff), -3 Driven (to find the causl link of the Gift), -1 Close Family Ties (sister), -1 Legacy (Rudolphius), -1 Tragic Stamina (no tolorance for pain), -1 Weak Enchanter

Personality: Intemperate +3, Loyal to Sister +3, Bitch to Sister +1

Abilities: Catalan 5 (Andorra, Arans), Andorra Lore 3 (Arans), Artes Liberales 3 (logic), Awareness 2 (alert), Brawl 2 (cat fight), Carouse 3 (sharking), Crm 3 (first impressions), Craft-Blacksmith 1 (assistant), Craft-Spinning 2, Craft-Weaving 2, Code of Hermes 1 (apprentices), Concentration 2 (maintain), Control Fertility 3, Etiquette 2 (Hermetic), Faerie Lore 3 (Norse), Finesse 2 (grace), Folk Ken 2 (low brow), Guile 2 (lies of omission), Latin 5 (Hermetic), Leadership 2 (lab work), Magic Lore 2 (Magic Realm), Magic Theory 4 (spells), Penetration 1 (Corpus), Profession-Scribe 3 (composition), Order of Hermes Lore 3 (Rudolphius), Philosophiae 2 (metaphysics), Stealth 1 (sneak)

Arts: Creo 6, Intellego 3, Rego 5, Corpus 7, Herbam 3, Terram 3, Vim 7

InCo5 Physician's Eye
InCo10 Revealed Flaws of the Mortal Flesh
MuCo5 Eyes of the Cat
ReCo15 Wizard's Leap
InHe15 Shriek of the Piercing Shafts
CrIg5 Palm of Flame
InTe15 Howl of the Steel Weapons
ReTe5 Unseen Arm
ReTe10 Unseen Porter
CrVi25r Mercury's Blessing

Edith is 80% the same, more or less. I designed them as Ex-Miscellanea magi short 8 years of training. This is to account for and balance the V&Fs the acquired in the Magic Realm in the past year.

You have puissant Magic Theory and Magic Theory:4, is that 2+2 or 4+2?

Wow, that must be some apprenticeship. She has 520 xp worth of abilities and she's less than half way through. That's just 9 points less than Antoine, and he's seven years out of his apprenticeship. Heck, Fleur only has 388 xp of abilities. I want some of that Vulcanus teaching magic! :wink:

I may need to check the math. Butmost of those xp come from Virtues. Privileged Upbringing, Arcane Lore, Educated, and Skilled Parens. That is +210xp and 30 levels of spells. I started withstandard apprenticeship, 300xp & 150 levels, subracted 8/15ths (minus 160xp & 80 levels).
And yes, it is supposed to be 4+2. I think. I need to audit the scores and make sure. Puissant Magic Theory is the Virtue she and her sister inherited from Vulcanus. The also both have the same Mythic Blood, Latent Magic (to be changed into a Virtue learned by their new masters), Legacy, Privileged Upbringing, Skilled Parens, the multifaceted Major Story Flaw (I had trouble picking just one since so many apply, and "Vulcanus" is the subject of it all), and some other similarities. They have distinct differences in style and preference that will take them down different ppaths. But they started out mostly the same.
Worthyof note: the twins look similar but are not identical.

Did we (especially Marko) ever get Fortune for this story?

from the guideline on the wikki, I would say Marko deserved 5 fortune.

However we seem to be generally deviating from those guidelines, so make it 10.