Judge Dredd as a Magus?

That is not a bad point. Dredd is a street judge, boots on the ground brute force enforcement type. The real magic happens in tek division, and public surveillance.
Psi division judges have one or two supernatural virtues.

So in Ars Magica, Dreddicus would be a Quaesitore's faithful companion/attack worg.

Possibly even a monkey familiar whose abilities have been enhanced by the Familiar Bond? If not monkey, perhaps a badger/wolverine/bear shapeshifted into human form

Maybe, if others want to run him that way. The premise as presented, however, is to run him as a Magus. The members of the Order of Hermes are not going to tolerate a jumped up mundane being a Quaesitor.

True also. I had been diverging.

I was considering the possibilty that if a companion was acting under the direct instructions and supervision of a magus by extension they are part of the maga's "power", that the Hermetic Code protects under the "depriving a magus of their power" clause.

Like an apprentice, talisman, familiar, or other ilk.

Such a possibility is entirely dependent on some hypothetical Peripheral Code. See TLatL p.23 Mundane Resources for the rules of the Normandy Tribunal against it.


Are you suggesting a Redecap is not a magus? ::horrified::

That's exactly the reason I suggested a Mythic Redcap. He can still be a quaesitor or hoplite, the rest of the Order is going to respect him, and the more virtues the merrier.

But if being a full magus is indispensable, then the current design seems solid.

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