Julian ex Tytalus

The Greater Alps will work fine for this character, it is where Hinterborn the Mad initially made the reported discovery of a new realm, and it is supposed to include a path into the magic realm through successive regio somewhere in the Greater Alps. Of course simply being in the greater alps is likely a challenge to the established order of magi who live here and seek to limit the number of magi in the tribunal.

More conflict is a good thing! :smiley:

Julian's story starts with a Tessalika, a wandering spirit votary and summoner. Born of her union with a spirit, in her attempt to bond as closely as possible with a powerful daimon, the young boy (then named Kyphon) traveled with her as she wandered the world, learning the names and locations of spirits. He spent his formative years going back and forth between the magic realm and the mundane, but as his gift began to manifest, she understood what was happening, and took him to the nearest covenant of the order, knowing that his life as a hermetic apprentice and magus would be better than anything she could offer.

Tessalika knew enough of the order to know that he would benefit from joining it, but not enough to know the difference between the houses, so when a Tytalus, high-ranked in the Titanoi, noticed the boy's affinity for spirits and accepted him as apprentice, she had no idea what was in store for him, and no qualms. Tisiphon ex Tytalus became the boy's master, and though he was not as cruel as many, he did rely on the Book of Instruction, and the apprenticeship was arduous. The boy had a gift for magic, as well as a gift for dealing with spirits, and he excelled in his studies even as he was miserable in them. After fifteen years of being subjected to the Tytalan ordeal, the boy realized what he must do to become a magus, and prepared for the next time Tisiphon was to do a summoning. When that happened, he wrested control of the spirit from his master, and the two began to struggle for control of it. The boy won control of the spirit, but Tisiphon annihilated it with another spell, and grinning proudly, proclaimed the boy a magus. The boy accepted happily, and took the name Julian in honor of the Roman emperor and theurgist.

Intelligence 3
Perception 1
Strength -2
Stamina 3
Presence 2
Communication 2
Dexterity -2
Quickness -3

Early Childhood:

Native Language: Romaic Greek (Extensive Vocabulary): 5

Area Lore: Greece (Geography): 1
Athletics (Endurance): 1
Charm (First Impressions): 1
Folk Ken (Supernatural Creatures): 1
Guile (Complicated Lies): 1
Survival (Mountains): 1
Magic Lore (Spirits): 2
Second Sight (Spirits): 1

Later Life:

+3 Magic Lore
+1 Charm
Intrigue (Rumormongering): 1


Dead Language: Latin (Hermetic Uses) 4
Magic Theory (Spell Design) 7+2
Artes Liberales (Ceremonial Magic) 2
Philosophiae (Ceremonial Magic) 1
Penetration (Vim) 2
Parma Magica (Mentem) 1
Finesse (Terram) 1


Creo 0
Intellego 0
Muto 0
Perdo 0
Rego 12 (+5 xp)
Animal 0
Auram 0
Aquam 0
Corpus 0
Herbam 0
Ignem 0
Imaginem 0
Mentem 0
Terram 0
Vim 12 (+5 xp)

The Gift
Major Magical Focus: Spirits
Affinity with Vim
Affinity with Rego
Magic Blood: Spirit (Second Sight - Eyes turn black when using it)
Affinity with Penetration
Affinity with Magic Theory
Puissant Magic Theory
Skilled Parens

Ambitious (Major)
Weak Spontaneous Magic

You cannot have more than 1 story flaw- you have 2- unbaptized and beloved rival
Childhood again should be 45 points plus language, in this point you have 90 points in childhood abilites, which means an extra 3 years before apprenticeship.
Magic lore with affinity cannot go above 7 for a character without game play unless they are over age 30, which is not prior to apprenticeship
I'm not sure what you mean by an art with 12+2 when you have an affinity instead of puissance.

I was writing magic lore in a confusing way, the "5" was meant to include the "+3" from later on. Same thing with Charm, that's why the xp looked off. Fixed that, also the mistake with the arts. Fixed flaws, also added the free point in Second Sight from Magic Blood.

okay, I think we are a bit off on our notation but generally on the same page- I have a bit of a quirk when it comes to affinities, I need to put it house rules, but basically I use half points in calculating affinities. other than this we are on the same page, except that you end up with 2.5 bonus points in magic theory and are still 5 points short- did you remember the affinity with penetration in calculating your totals? I can simply add the 5 points there for a +7.5 points if you want...

Yeah, let's go with that, I think I forgot to add the extra xp for Pen affinity. I'm on the same page with the .5, otherwise affinity does give a weird uneven benefit when rounding up.

okay, then lets add spells and any post gauntlet development you want to add.