KantCon 2010 in Kansas City

Hello, all, my name is Ethan Parker, and I’m a co-host and creator of the Gamer’s Haven Podcast. That aside, I’m also the head of Gamer’s Haven, Inc.

The Gamer’s Haven Podcast has been providing gamemasters and players alike with tips, tricks, and tales from the gaming table of Ethan, Nathan, and Jeremy. The Gamer’s Haven Podcast launched in November of 2006.

The specific objectives and purposes of Gamer’s Haven, Inc. are to organize and conduct non-gambling, hobby gaming events for members, including the KantCon game fair, a conference for members with an emphasis on playing tabletop hobby games; to provide instruction on the integration of hobby games into member events and activities; generally, through educative and other efforts, to help make hobby games as inviting and accessible to as broad an audience as possible; and to engage in other activities related to educating the public about hobby gaming in our community and to conduct the normal functions, operations, programs, and pursuits incidental to a fully recognized and operational nonprofit social organization.

Anyway, we’re organizing a small gaming convention for our social club to be held in Kansas City, at the Johnson County Community College, and some of our attendees have shown an interest in playing some of Atlas's products (notably Feng Shui).

What we’re looking for is GMs interested in running any Atlas games, but more specifically Feng Shui, at KantCon this year. The con is running July 9-11.

Info on KantCon ...

KantCon is a small gaming convention that we organize each year. It is open to the public, and does have a registration cost to attend.

KantCon was first conceived in 2009 as a gathering of like-minded gaming hobbyists who couldn’t get away from the Kanas City area to the various gaming conventions being held across the country. Several organizers of KantCon had been regulars to such conventions as Gen Con, Dragon Con, and others, but, due to circumstances beyond their control, they couldn’t con that year.

Thus, KantCon was born. A small, local convention to gamers who can’t regularly make it to conventions anywhere in the country.

KantCon was originally held in the residence of one of the founders of the Gamer’s Haven, but we quickly outgrew those confines as word about the convention grew, and membership in the Gamer’s Haven swelled. Now, KantCon is on its way to becoming a premier event for Gamer’s Haven members each year, and is growing larger with each step it takes.

Here’s some important information about KantCon:

KantCon is open to all.

KantCon does have an admission cost to cover venue reservations, insurance, and other expenses. We’d love to do this for free, but logistically, that’s just not possible.

KantCon is managed by Gamer’s Haven, Inc., a nonprofit corporation in the state of Kansas. More information about Gamer’s Haven, Inc. is available on our website as well.

So, if anyone is in the Kansas City area, and is willing to run anything, please drop me an e-mail (ethan@gamershavenpodcast.com) and we can talk.

Thanks, everyone, for your time and patience!

Ethan Parker

Dr 16: Kansas does have some great walk-in property. Found some this season around Meade on 54.
HOA: Dont you let Kansans shoot at your place??