Hya there,

My saga is set in Brittany, and as such Carnac/Karnak (what is the correct spelling in English?) will play a prominent role. In fact, Carnac is one of the main reasons of why the characters are moving into the area in a few seasons.

I was looking forward to ideas of what I could have here.

So far I plan to have:

  1. powerful magical regio
    1.1) maybe some infernal influence (undecided, since I consider Davnalleus to be magical, not demonic)

  2. Massive bonuses to dead stuff and the stars 8alignements et al)

  3. Gates to a few other places. Pretty much like hermes portals, but that need to be researched. Mainly into the British isles (links to other important megalitic constructions).

More ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:



The English spelling with which I am most familiar is Carnac.

I believe that there's a legend that the Carnac stones were created when Merlin turned a Roman legion to stone, which might suggest potential Terram enchantments and artifacts to investigate. Possibly, the correct InTe enchantments might even let one speak to the stone legionaries.

Perhaps you can have Merlin return from an extended twilight-like episode.
There are some good maps and pictures here:
megalithia.com/brittany/carn ... index.html

You might want to take a look at this book: Europe's Lost Civilization, from Peter Marshall. The author talks about the people that built all those impressive megaliths, from up north in Scotland, in England, to France and Spain. Pictures, drawings and some hypothesis on the uses of these monuments. Could definitively give you some ideas.

Good idea!
The correct botch might bring them back to life.

Depends how "deep" you want the plots to be- some of the below are longer in length, rather than one-off adventures...
o Evidence arises of "other" interest in the stones, that doesn't match the "known" uses. What do they want with it? What do they know that the PC's don't? And is there evidence of infernal interest in a previously purely "magical" site?...

o A Hedgemage (or group of?) taps into it, somehow, and becomes large and in-charge until the connection is sundered. (Perhaps in a decidedly non-hermetic way, so while a threat, it's not also unbalancing afterward.)

o The local lord/archbiship decides he's had enough of the offensive pagan site, and plans to have it torn down for building materials for his new castle/church.

o A disturbing effect arises elsewhere, which can be traced back (with some effort/difficulty) to cattle/sheep/horses that were grazed around the site. Now- what of the peasants who owned those herds for generations?

o Vague references to a once-an-eon astrological event are found, that was last centered at Carnac. It's clear that one or more of the following are true: 1) Others Hermetic mage know of this too (tho' perhaps anonymous), and a competition/race erupts to be the sole benefactor, 2) as above, but non-Hermetic (hedgemage, evil X group, annointing of a challenger to the current king (= civil war), pagan religious event, opportunity to speak to an Oracle, 3 wishes, etc etc), 3) the last time this happened it was "bad", with or without human aid - can it be stopped?, 4) It won't happen unless the correct person/heir is there, 5) It's unclear which of the above might be true- but there's just enough time to find out!.Other than that, nothing jumps immediately to mind.