Keeping the servants from eating the olive oil

OK, so filling a container with liquid is base level 2 for natural liquids. My understanding is that olive oil would count as a natural liquid, and that base size for Aquam is the size of pond 15 paces across and two paces deep in the center. So filling a 100 gallon barrel with olive oil still seems within base difficulty. Add a magnitude for touch and three magnitudes to increase the duration to month and you have a Level 10 effect that can make all the oil for lamps you are likely to need. Put it on a barrel with one use a day and you are good to go.

So, once you have such a device, and you can create 100 gallons of olive oil a day, what keeps someone from using some of the product to fry some eggs instead of just for oil lamps?

The adventure seed just writes itself, the new cooks assistant sees all the olive oil that is being used for lamps, and it told that the magic say is not to be used for food. He wonders why, and uses some to fry some onions. Looks fine, and he gives it to the dog to taste. The dog is fine for the next couple of days, so maybe it is because if people use eat it they will live unnaturally long like the magi do. So he starts sneaking some out to is aging parents, who use a little bit, and thus are only mildly affected when it wears off. But they are not sure what caused the ravenous hunger on that full or new moon, so they ask the local priest...

Olive oil is a naturally occurring liquid, according to the Aquam introduction, no problem there. Not sure if you missed it, but the base individual for olive oil is one tenth the size of the one for water; I'm sure it's still plenty enough to fill your barrel.

I'm not too sure about that ravenous hunger on the new and full moon: most people don't eat that much olive oil, do they ? And most of what they do eat is consumed quickly enough... two weeks' worth of olive oil, say only 20% of that is still inside the body in one form or another at the full/new moon, surely that's only a mid-size meal, enough to be hungry but not ravenously hungry ? Still, if it makes a good story, why not :slight_smile:

Now, if the parents are subsisting exclusively on deep-fried food, with the oil basically providing all the fat and most of the calories, gaining a couple of pounds a week and then losing them all on the new/full moon, they yes ravenous hunger might be called for :wink:

I think your understanding of cooking is too advanced for the game world. I don't think the Medieval understanding of cooking sees olive oil as a food, just a way of preparing food.

Volume Conversion Guide , page 76 , Art & Academe.

Your base Individual for Olive Oil will be 400 gallons.

If you are creating it as a non-Ritual item , it will have all normal properties , except nutrition.
As the people will not be existing solely on olive oil , they should not get any hunger pangs.
Have them being given hunger pangs by a Demon (minor) , they are after all enjoying the sin of theft.
Peasants see Priest , Priest blames Gifted Magi , even if he does not know how they obtained the Olive Oil.
Funny , no-one can recall any deliveries of 4 or more 100 gallon barrels of Olive Oil.
Would any local merchants supply such quantities?
And taking the idea from another thread , maybe these so-called scholars are smugglers!

Someone is not getting paid their rightful taxes or tolls!
The Church is not getting its tithe!

The demon is ignored , as more mundane pursuits are investigated.

A Verditus I play is a Creo specialist and makes a decent contribution to the covenant and local village through just this sort of effect, often with "Food-ish" effects.

For example, even the meanest grog at the covenant has his food cooked with the finest spices and salt. Olive oil too.

We sell in small quantities to the local baker.

As long as its something used for superficial flavour, rather than core nutrition, you're fine. Olive oil makes things more fatty, but is not part of the core nutritional intake, so its worth using.

Its also how members of the covenant can drink as much fine wine as they please, as long as they remember to drink enough water, too.

Dishwashing is unnessesary, as a cabinet makes brand-new silver and gold dishware every day.

Little luxuries like this make life at the covenant very happy indeed. Duration: Sun is a great thing for high luxury. Who needs to buy permanent gold when termporary stuff looks just as pretty and the grogs can have a tonne of fun trashing them at the end of the day.

This also sounds like it would be a good diet plan.