Kieckhefer, Magic in the Middle Ages

I've got a copy of this book that I picked up in 1991. I see there is a second edition available. Could someone tell me whether it's worth my money to pick up the new edition?

It's out of date, but a good standard text on medieval magic. I'd probably suggest looking elsewhere, like the Athlone series on magic in Europe.

  • Alex -

I've got the Canto edition published in 2000 but don't know if it's any different from the 1991 edition or just a reprint.

I agree with Alex though, the Athlone series is better for Ars purposes, particularly "The Middle Ages" and "Ancient Greece and Rome". The "Biblical and Pagan Societies" (1st in series) is less useful and much shorter. ... F8&s=books

"Forbidden Rites", also by Kiekhefer is interesting if you want to use a lot of theurgy/necromancy in your Saga but it's very dense and not readily accessible. ... F8&s=books

Kieckhefer's journal "Societas Magica" might also be worth a look:



I have these and agree that they are very good.

Thanks, I did not know about this newsletter.

By the way, I can answer my own question now. The "second edition" does not appear to be any different from the first. I compared the index on my 1991 to the 2000 one and they were identical for the first two pages.