How do you think about an internet feng shui game. Possibly a msn/an icq conference. I like the idea :smiley:

Maybe a MUSH would work better, because it has support for poses, dice-rolling, locations etc. I've done a little MUSH coding before, so if someone wants to set something up...

What is MUSH?

Think of it as multiplayer notepad.

It has some stuff built-in to facilitate movement, actions and (if necessary) dice rolls.

Oh coooool let's go! I want to play with all you guys......Kiii-Yaaahhh my friends all over the world strike the evil demons all around the internet before they strike us.Together we stand devided we fall 8) ---who wants do be the GM???? :smiley:

You can share the load. The only trick is getting is it hosted somewhere and getting everyone together at the same time.

In other forums like ''The Dark Eye'' fanpro one you find roleplaying sessions online inside the forum.
It isn't fast as a conference but effective when one post reply after the other goes in.
It can be very funny, believe me I tried it once.