Lab-based adventure ideas

I wanted to start a discussion on lab-based advientures and stories (loosely interpreted). Mostly just a brainstorming exercise to add flavor to lab design and activity. Several have occured to me while writing another post and I wanted to see if there was anyone out there who had similar thoughts. The key point is that the story comes from trying to figure out the connection and interpret things correctly leading to Discovery, SIde Effect, Disaster, etc. in case of experimentation or improvment and flaws to lab totals rather than having die rolls or cold mechanics driving the scores.

  1. A magus is experimenting while inventing a new Rego Corpus spell and awakes to find a large number of dolls (apparently from the covenfolk children) have entered his lab and are awaiting instructions. A Per+Magic Theory roll mght reveal he has done something wrong or right in his experiement but he has no idea what it means, really. The other players in the troupe may play individual dolls. THe magus could discover that weaver of the burial shroud that he is using in his experiements somehow causes an arcane connection with it and the dolls. Possibly the animted dolls are can be caused/enticed to remain and help out in the lab, generally and perpetually. Perhaps they revolt and attack or spread ruin. Or the magus discovers some knowledge in Figurine Magic. Or he accidentally ruins whatever tenuous magic and destroys the dolls causing problems in the covenant staff.

  2. How DID the maga determine that her very large and involved contruct of ribbons and pullies of various types and materials would increase her facility with Rego enchantments?

  3. "Something" tells a magus that acquiring the local lord's prize hunting dog and bitch would be particularly useful for some Intelligo Animal experiments.

  4. While studying a text on Astrology, the magus realizes that rearranging fixtures in the lab and replacing some of them with the same types of tools but with more resonant materials could increase the magical potency of vis refinement. Spending a little time in negotiation and acquisition of these new tools could lead to a very excellent lab under some signs but a very dangerous (but, perhaps, narrow) suseptibility to others.

Anyway, just a few thoughts. There are more if folks are interested and I would very much like to hear others.

Lots of potential here. Don't forget Lab improvements! A hoard of magic bees has made a hive around your stash of Creo Viz! First thought of a player is to blast them, but that will destroy the Viz. Maybe talk to the Queen, and, if it goes well, you now have Greater Guardian, or Greater Horde (If you did really well, maybe both!) added to your lab. A lab accident has caused a "hole in space!". Perdo Vim that away, or add a "portal" Greater Feature to your lab?

Great ideas generally... I particularly love the dolls idea, that's freaky and awesome! Kudos!

I was monkeying around with ideas for some Groundhog Day type of accident. Could be fun, with the opportunity for some fun role playing. Albeit without allowing unlimited study time, like the film did!

Something in the work attracts the attention of a powerful outside being. Disturbed the slumbering pagan god? A demon who likes to play angel? The ghost of the labs last owner? Possibly a mental/dream/vision link rather than physical.

You achieve a discovery, but it is displaced. You have no idea about it, but it is scattered through the covenant's staff. By oearning of the weird ideas that they had on the summer solsticw you can patch up your discovery. But then, you have to listen to the grogs.

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Good stuff. Definitely going to add those particular arrows to the quiver.

A few more for your consideration:

  1. Lab Improvment: A magus decides to engage in his first attempt at re-organizing his lab since he moved in ten years ago. After a few days of taking inventory and scratching out a few rearrangements on wax tablets he gets to work packing more fragile things and finds (PER+Awareness or PER+Covenant Lore(structures), perhaps) that his lab is somewhat smaller than expected. Some quick measurements outside the building reveal that there has been no change in any outside dimensions. As he continues working on lab refinement, he discovers other interesting and very subtle changes. Maybe he raises this with the magus in the next room and they find that his lab has shrunk (or that his is bigger). Resolving this tale could lead to strife in the covenant, a temper to the aura that was previously undiscovered (by him), a need to start over since he can't get certain apparatus to align properly and can't figure out why, or just a general sense that the slightly easier to work in and slightly, if measurably, safer.

  2. Lab improvement: While installing a more permanant summoning circle a magus learns that very low might spirits keep appearing in the lab space over the course of several days. Why? Is there something he has done right or wrong with the design that atracts them? Do they appear as a result of the action of the circle itself? Do they appear as a result of the magus attracting them by virture of him being so fucussed on the process of summoning and how to make it easier? Are the spirits useful? Resolution could yeild simply a summoning circle Feature, or that plus a lesser ally in the form of one of the spirits, or a summoning circle and a Very Dangerous Time of Year (tm), or the circle but a need to compromise on space such that (say) Herbam work is slightly more difficult when compared to before.

OK, gotta get back at it. More later. THanks again.


p.s. The Groundhog Day could lead to some Insight into breaking the limit of Time (truly or falsely...)