Lab Improvement Item

I need feedback about levels...

The idea is to create a device that can sense how magic is stored in objects, and so improve the general quality of the lab.

Maxwell's Daemon Re(In) Vi (all other forms) 35+?

This set of linked vessels allows the transfer of Vis from one store to another while allowing the user to carefully watch the process at all stages, and pause if necessary.

Base 10 (ReVi move raw Vis)
+1 Conc
+1 touch
+5 levels (device maintains conc)
+10 levels (unlimited use)
+? Intellego Req.
+? Re is doing two things (transferring Vis, and allowing the process to pause)
+? Requisites for the other forms.

I think that the requisites for the forms are +0, as it is necessary for the In to examine how the vis leaving the container affects the container, but I am not sure about the requisits for the dual Re and the existence at all of the In effect.

Advice gratefully accepted!


I don't think the various Forms are required for the item to work.
The Re(In)Vi should be enough for your purpose, you should account for a couple of magnitude increase in the In requisite I'd say.

Just my opinion anyway, I have not much experience I admit.

P.S. I like your concept, anyway.

This looks like a good idea for an item improving labs.

As spells like Scales of Magical Weight - or variants with longer Duration - are easy enough to cast, you don't need to put them into this device. Just cast them on yourself before starting it up.

This leaves a lesser enchanted device to ReVi vis from one object to another slowly slowly. You can control it then, if that effect is D: Conc. I should think, that doing it slowly adds at the very most an extra magnitude to the ReVi 10 base. I wouldn't even care for it - but you better ask your troupe.

All the other spells to observe the process affect the experimenter, not the ReVi device. They can be invented and/or enchanted separately, to help with different experiments.