Lab Work Noob Question

Salve Sodalis!

My question is pretty straightforward. Whenever an activity takes more than one season of lab work... must them be consecutive seasons, or is it posssible to do something else between them?

I think I remember reading some rule regarding this, but can't really remember where or what it said.

Thank you!

It does not need to be consecutive seasons.

If a significant amount of time passes between seasons of work, remember to recalculate your lab total, as some of your scores could have improved in the meantime.

Thanks, Arthur, but... can you (or anyone) tell me where exactly is this rule written? I've been searching for it, but to no avail. :neutral_face:

I think you are right as far as the core rules go.
If you move into original research (HoH True Lineages) there are cases which have to be continuous, but that is stated explicitly in each case. (Just for completeness. :slight_smile:

I think the only exception to this is for stabilizing a discovery, (True lineages, page 28) but I might be misreading this...


Thank you all but, sadly, still no clue where this is specified in RaW. There's some very stubborn people in my troupe, you know... :pensive:

The argument is actually that there's no requirement for the seasons to be consecutive.

I seem to recall the presence of a typed out example, but I can't recall where it would be,

As others have said, the rules do not say that the seasons may be non-consecutive, they do not say that they have to be consecutive.

To build a case, see Core:95 compared to HoH:TL:28. In the case of inventing spells there is no restriction. In the case of stabilising the unknown there is a restriction. Most of us conclude that that when a restriction on consecutivity is intended, it is stated. No core rule activity is so restricted.

While they may be the "Absence of evidence, isn't evidence of absence" type, I think it's the person who says it must be consecutive to show where it says it Must be consecutive. I can't see anywhere in the Core rules that lab work must be consecutive.

Also, it's Ars Majica. A notoriously fluid system with varying interpretation and house rules. Make a nice and early clearly stated final ruling. "I'm the SG" is reason enough. You want lab activity progress to be lost with a season interruption, do so. You want lab study to not care about interruption, do so.

Unless you want to force a moral quandary on someone, or make sure people realise -3 story flaws have a cost, I would say don't make the lab activities need to be consecutive. If someone loses a few season of lab work, it will annoy the player.