Laboratories Health for healing

Hi all,
You can use the Covenants book to give a positive health score for a lab. This adds to recovery rolls without inflicting warping.

So, can you use these same rules to make an infirmary? If so, does anyone any ideas of ways to boost the Health value? (Not ways to boost recovery rolls, but affecting the room itself)

Sure. Easiest way is to just add an infirmary to your lab. Don't forget, half that health score goes to your living conditions! Why make a "common lab" and miss out on a couple of decades of no warping (Which seems to be an issue)?

As to ideas, well, Magic Items for the Lab are your friend here! Something at level 20 to purify water, something at level 20 to purify food, something at level 40 or 60 to deal with demons of disease, a self cleaning bed (level 20, unless you can figure out a way to pad it to level 40). Remember, Jacuzzis were created for medical reasons, make one for the lab (20-40, depending on how creative you get), and consider other real world things like it.

The CrCo healing modifiers are pretty low level and can be put into items or even cast once on a circular room.

Yep. It's been discussed before, (pretty recently, I think), but one of the ways to avoid making a Longetivity Potion is to have crazy-high Health bonuses via your laboratory. This can be done the "normal" way (ie, having a really nice building, good location with good air, etc.), but also can be done via Circle/Ring "cleanse the air, kill the demons, keep out the vermin, etc." effects.

As long as they don't directly affect the magus, your PC won't take Warping.

As Jonothan.Link has mentioned, if you want to set up an infirmary, you can simply use Circle/Ring versions of the "+18 to recovery rolls" CrCo effects. Yeah, you'll pick up warping if you stay in them for more than a season, but if it's for the grog/companions, then it's not a big deal. If it's for your magi, you can put the bonus effect into a familiar, and avoid the warp entirely.

More generally, you can get lab bonuses (which are basically the Hermetic version of feng shui) for any room you want to spend the time to set it up in - you don't need to call it a "lab", and you can have more than one. For example, my magi has a "teaching classroom", which is a single-use lab room that's optimized for Instruction bonuses (He's got a long-term story goal to get all the grogs speaking Latin, because he doesn't like to be surrounded by ignorant people). They're really easy to set up, as you can take the "Only does one thing" flaw. He also has his 'regular' lab, which is optimized for general lab bonuses.

Another way to sort-of house rule healing-without-vis-or-warping is to have an NPC publish a ritual that is a Holy Magic integration for CrCo effects. You can get a lvl 25 Circle/Instant ritual that heals a Medium wound for everyone involved - as long as everyone involved has been sanctified and has taken communion. (It probably needs to be done in a Church or on Holy Ground, as well.) The ritual can also be fueled by fatigue, rather than vis. (But you can't use Hermetic words/gestures, either.)

It sets up an interesting story point: you can heal moderate wounds easily, but only if they partially reject hermetic theory and humble themselves before the Divine. Are the PC's willing to do it?

(Or, another option is for someone to have a Holy Relic that has a healing power in it. That's what our saga did, inadvertently.)

Quick question. By this logic, wouldn't the aegis provide a health bonus as it keeps disease demons away?


Maybe it does in your game.......