Laboratories - too many virtues?

Hi all,
Is it possible to overfill a lab? Say a normal sized lab, you have 5 points of virtues and 4 points of flaws - what if you don't have the 1 refinement?

Apart from negative safety, can anyone see any other problems?

Available space for virtues would be necessary for that lab. Available space is a function of actual size refinement and flaws taken. In a standard size 0 lab you would have to spend a season of refining the lab. What you propose is impossible.

Serfs's Parma it might be called something other than available space.

Mind, the list of laboratory virtues and flaws is not a closed set. There is a flaw for a lab that is not using all of the available room Empty, create a flaw, "Overfilled", for a lab using too much of the available space. It should be stackable (Just as the opposing flaw is), and your math will balance, and you will have the effect you want. I would think -2 safety, -1 aesthetics, and -1 general quality, but talk it over with your ST.

As far as I understand, this will generate a flaw in your lab, due to overcrowding. :-/

Yeah, after re-reading the chapter I found a bit about taking over someone elses lab - if the amount you can refine the lab is less than the refinement it drops to what you can manage. Any virtues that no-longer fit are lost. Therefore if for some reason your refinement drops (such as an accident) you may lose some of your virtues to make up for the space.

Picking up flaws for a laboratory aren't something you put time into, they just show up.

You can't have more virtues than the space + refinement + flaws allows. If you try to, you typically end up with some extra flaws to make up the difference, or worst-case some virtues falling off the laboratory.

Flaws like Cramped, Lesser Focus, Greater Focus, etc. are perfect additions for my-lab-is-overcrowded scenarios.

I'd probably start with cramped to make up the first point of requires-space, then add something like labyrinth to represent just how much of a pain to get around in your laboratory is. Then I'd probably add a variant of diminuitive to reflect the space getting really crowded...

If you've already got all these flaws... you're going to need a bigger lab! :smiley: