Laboratory Item

Cr(Re)Aq(Ig) 25:The Still of Marie

This maze of pipes allows the Maga to precisely control just when liquids are added to a project, and adds +1 to the general Quality of any Laboratory, and +1 to Experimentation.

Base 3 (Control Liquid gently in a very unnatural way),+1 (+2?)Heating, +1 touch, +1 Conc, device maintains conc(+5 levels), unlimited uses (+10 levels)

Cn people give this the once over? I am still not too hot on when requisites add levels. I compared it to the Tireless Servant (Cov 121) which is level 25 and gives +1 to a Characteristic, and +1 to a specialization)


Tireless Servant is level 40 and adds +1 to two characteristics. It is the analogous spell level which is 25.

I am not sure why you use Cr. A subtlety that I miss?

If you need Cr and Re, I think it is +2 for requisites (heating). If it is just Ig, then requisite +1.

Unlimited uses sounds excessive. After all, it concentrates.

Maybe it should be ReAq(Ig) 20 with GQ +1 (and no specialisation). I would tend to give it +1 Aesthetics as well (like a lesser feature still has).

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I am a fool and have failed my reading comprehension.

I thought I needed Cr to create the heat I was using.

Thank you!

Quite possibly. I may be wrong on that point.

This edition has tended to cut back on requisites, compared to earlier editions. So I wouldn't personally require a Creo req.

Relevant quote from Covenants(p121):

Second, if the effect does not resemble a Laboratory Virtue or Flaw, then the final level of the effect determines how many points of Characteristics or Specializations may be gained. Every ten levels may grant one point in a Specialization, or every 20 levels may improve a Characteristic by one point.

Regarding your actual design: The base should be ReAq, not CrAq, because you're controlling liquids, not creating liquids. Being able to increase or decrease the heat should be doable with just Ignem being added, no Creo - though obviously your storyguide might disagree, go with their opinion. It adds a minor effect, +1 magnitude I'd argue. if you have a maze of pipes however, causing the liquids to be controlled in their flow should only be +1 'slightly unnatural movement', rather than +2 for extreme unnatural.
Your final would look a bit more like, base 2 (control liquid in a gentle and slightly unnatural way), +1 concentration, +1 touch, +1 ignem requisites [item level 5] +5Lv item maintains concentratin, +10Lv unlimited uses, final level 20.


thank you! that is very useful.