Lacnunga - a real Old English healing spell

The Old English version is taken from the German wikipedia site (Lacnunga – Wikipedia), the Modern English version is my attempt at a translation.

Ut, spere, næs in, spere!
Gif her inne sy isernes dæl,
hægtessan geweorc, hit sceal gemyltan.
Gif ðu wære on fell scoten oððe wære on flæsc scoten
oððe wære on blod scoten
oððe wære on lið scoten, næfre ne sy ðin lif atæsed;
gif hit wære esa gescot oððe hit wære ylfa gescot
oððe hit wære hægtessan gescot, nu ic wille ðin helpan.
þis ðe to bote esa gescotes, ðis ðe to bote ylfa gescotes,
ðis ðe to bote hægtessan gescotes; ic ðin wille helpan.
Fleoh þær on fyrgenheafde.
Hal westu, helpe ðin drihten!

Out spear, not in!
If there be some iron part inside,
the work of hags, it shall melt.
Whether your skin was shot or your flesh was shot,
Or your blood was shot,
Or your limb was shot, never be your life injured;
Whether it was a shot by the Old Gods, or an Elven shot,
Or a hags' shot, I want to help you now.
This will remedy the Old Gods' shot, this will remedy the Elven shot,
This will remedy the hags' shot, I want to help you.
Flee to the mountain top,
Become whole, the Lord help you!