"Lake of Fire" comic set in 1220 Provence!

Greetings all!

Visited the comic book store and this cover caught my eye:

Open it up, first caption reads "The French Pyrenees. AD 1220". [size=150]!!![/size]

So I'm hooked! Been reading Faith & Flame on and off for these past few months, and it's insanely cool to find something so disconcertingly apropos. I love the covers, like the art, and the [strike]companions[/strike], err, characters, are already statted in my mind.

Guess the author wanted to do a SPOILER Aliens vs Crusaders SPOILER, which I don't honestly find that original or appealing, but aside from that, I cannot complain.

Issue #2 came out this week. https://imagecomics.com/comics/releases/lake-of-fire-2 and I bought this cover:

They definitely could have used one or two Magi, even a bookish Bonisagus! :laughing:

Now I'm curious, has there ever been a serious attempt at producing an Ars Magica comic book?


Very cool! :slight_smile:

Oh nice!. Now I need to find a local place to order it.

It is also available digitally through Comixology.

To write an Ars Magica comic book would be the greatest accomplishment that I could ever dream of in life.

Would be darn good, and a heck of a project.