Lance&Laser Ars Magica Miniatures

Does anyone know the backstory of these miniatures and where I can read about them or buy them? I am also looking for photos in good resolution. Found only this link and two lots on Ebay. I want to create a collection for 3D printing.

Omg!!! They are awful! I love them! No idea about your question, would I would love to have those

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I collect the Lance & Laser Hero Wars line (now renamed but still produced) and they are some of the best miniatures you can find. I don't know the story behind these Ars Magica miniatures, and wasn't aware that Lance & Laser produced them. Thanks for sharing the link. I'll be on the lookout for these miniatures even though we don't use miniatures for our ArM games.

Someone interrupted my bid on Ebay and if you ever read this thread, please send me photos in high quality in all projections, I want to make a 3d model of all Ars Magica miniatures.