Lands of the Nile - Table of Contents

It seems Lands of the Nile has gone to press, but there is no preview of the Table of Contents at the book's webpage.

I'm on it!

:question: Is it just me, or each page (except 1st-inner-cover) of the ToC appears twice ?

As these :

1st-inner-cover, p2, p2, p3, p4, p5, p3, p4, p5


I have fixed my own copy of it, cutting duplicate pages in my pdf-viewer, and saving the resulting document.
The result is a five-page document instead of a nine-page one.

Might I dare sharing the result with you uploading the document to my Dropbox?
Actually I don't dare to do it ! (Copyrighted material and so and so. I should not joke with this).

(To say the truth, Quartz PDFContext used by Preview App on my Mac totally degraded the quality of the pdf…)

Cam, you'll have to recompose your own doc using InDesign ! Et toc ! (As we say in my country).

Ahhh yes and the linky: ... ntents.pdf

Excellent! Good to see this up. :slight_smile:


Should be fixed now! Not at all sure what happened there. Just 4 pages!

Last page of the index is missing.


Updating now.

So when will it be in the shops? (In time for Christmas?)

November is nearly over - has this shipped to the UK yet? I am keen to get a copy.