When do you use Leadership? I'm thinking of using it against mooks to say things like "I don't want to fight you" Bruce Lee-style, because only the martial artist and old master got that skill. But why don't the cop archetypes have that skill? Should they roll against Police when they shout "freeze, Police"? I had for example one situation when a maverick cop wanted to take a mooks vehicle "in the name of the law". Ok, he roleplayed that (without me saying a word), but it had been simple to just roll Leadership for that situation.

So, when do you use Leadership?

I used Leadership several years ago in the "Four Tigers of Shaolin" game on RPGNet to bust out a fiery speech that won several important characters over to the side of my character's party before the final showdown with the master who betrayed us all. My characters seem to do that kind of thing a lot.

Sometimes I use Leadership to see which PC an NPC will assume is in charge.

You could also use it to up the AV of a group of mooks temporarily (normal modifiers for multiple targets applying).

Hey, that's not a dumb thought. I wonder if I should allow that to the PC's as well, but the difficulty will be the other PC's AV. The Outcome will add to that PC's AV for the rest of the sequence.

Well, a quick note:

There's a Schtick in Architects of the Flesh, under the various rebel groups, called Inspiration. Roll Leadership against a Difficulty 10 to give all friendly Mooks +1 to a single AV for one encounter.

Leadership is also useful for crowd control--I believe the Karate Cop unique Schtick uses it to be able to get cooperation from law-abiding citizens.

I've also used a couple "villain-only" Schticks in my campaigns:

Tactical Defense: Lets the NPC use Leadership as his base AV when making an Active Dodge. If the attack would've hit his normal Dodge AV, but misses because of this Schtick, one Mook drops instead (you can't use this if there are no Mooks left). All the faction-leaders possess this Schtick; it's also occasionally possessed by security chiefs, captains of the guard, or similar 'major flunkies'.

Cannon Fodder: After a hit has been rolled, the character can roll Leadership against the damage taken before Toughness and Armor are taken into consideration; if he succeeds, then for every Mook he sacrifices, he can lower the damage he himself suffers by 5. This is a one-shot reflexive action; two Schticks in Cannon Fodder lowers it to a 0-shot action.

Guards! Guards!: As a 3-shot action, the NPC can roll Leadership; a number of Mooks arrive equal to the roll's value; these Mooks will be able to act three shots after they arrive. This Schtick is normally only able to be used when the NPC is on his 'home base', or on a battlefield with almost unlimited troops nearby. However, ALL the 'big bads' (Boatman, Bonengal, The Unspoken Name, Gao Zhang) can use this ability anywhere in their Home Juncture (it's good to be the King), or within their Netherworld bases; within the home Juncture, they gain a +10 bonus to the roll. Likewise, Potempkin, the Four Monarchs and (wassisname, the head of the Hand) can all use this anywhere in their respective 'home turf' in the Netherworld.

Obviously, an NPC with all three schticks is VERY tough to drop, even if they, themselves, aren't particularly dangerous. The room just keeps flooding with nameless grunts, security goons, killbots or whatever the specific mook attached to the guy are, and you can't get a shot at him unless the mooks are swept clean first.

Mind you I don't see the battlechimp using these to often. Our boy is not one to hide behind his troops. More of a lead from the front kind of ape.

Heh. True enough--but he is a tactical genius who inspires suicidally fanatical loyalty in his monkeyboys. For Potempkin, I'd probably use Guards! Guards! readily enough (leading your troops requires having troops to lead, after all); Cannon Fodder and Tacitcal Defense would more be a case of one of his zealous troops willfully 'taking the bullet' or throwing themselves on a grenade. Potempkin, of course, would blame the attacker for the death of "Yet another brave soldier in the war to liberate us from the shackles of Chi."