Leaf of Criamon

opened for discussion, character not yet reviewed

obvious question to start- who is "Uncle" Bode?

Have to get on the back story.

But essentially an ill-fated plan by the Raudskinna Compact to infiltrate the Order of Hermes. Leaf was a Gifted descendant of Vikings, merchants living in Marseilles, but always remembering the "Old Ways".
"Uncle Bode" was a Gentle Gifted Rune Magician who posed as a merchant to spy, on the Order, and on things in general, for the Compact. He located the boy, and visited often, teaching him in preparation to take him on as an Apprentice.

But the boy was also detected by a Redcap, and "put on sale", so to speak. He was offered to Jardin and Miniata Sophia, among others, and surprisingly Xenophanes offered to take him on.
Leonarda of Criamon, from Miniata Sophia also claimed him, slightly later, and objected to even considering Xenophanes as a pater.

The Cave of Twisting Shadows was enormously interested in seeing if a fool could teach wisdom, and gave Xenophanes their blessing, and asked Leonarda to back off, even sending one of the members of The Path of Strife to deliver the message.

No one else claimed the weird boy. Leonarda's resentment grew.

On the side of the Raudskinna Compact, they saw it as an opportunity to have someone sympathetic in the Order to spy on, particularly since Xenophanes was widely regarded as a fool. Unfortunately, the Criamon in the Cave of Twisting Shadows saw the hidden signs, and informed "Uncle Bode" of the fact. "Uncle Bode" made himself scarce, fleeing back to Scandinavia.

The big wig Criamon are uninterested in revealing this to anyone else, as they believe that this would lead to needless violence by the most aggressive members of the Order of Hermes, and an unsatisfying ending to the experiment. They kept a watchful eye on Leaf throughout his Apprenticeship, and are satisfied that he is Criamon through and through: opaque, devoted to their philosophy, and uninterested in revealing anything of importance to the hedge magicians of the north.

•I gave Leaf Arcane Lore to justify the Rune Magic score. Is this ok, or unnecessary?

•I was previously going to give him the equivalent of Hermetic Patron, but with a Rune Magician (not necessarily "uncle Bode"). Would this be ok? Would this satisfy the point above?

•I intend to advance Leaf 7 years or so, before entering play. Would it be possible to undergo the first 2 Initiations from the Path of the Body in that time? "the avenue of subduing the meat and the station of the perfect tool" and "the avenue of drinking the winds of inspiration and the station of spiritual nourishment".

•The character is interested in ecstatic experiences and preserving lost knowledge, and as a goal, intends to eventually undergo the Trial of Odin, to be opened to the Runes. Not to Integrate, really, but would be interested in developing a Mystery Path related to the Runes, as well as find the extended Saxon Runes (especially Calc). Eventually find a way to preserve memories.

•Gave him Personal Vis Source, his body producing Vim when he scourges it at some point, and Mentem when he has vivid/joyful experiences. He would do vis studying, and enjoy this experience, and if he botches, might have another revelatory experience with Enigmatic Wisdom. How many pawns would this Virtue produce yearly, based on Bentalone stats?

•Anyway, it's fluid, so open to changes as things are or aren't approved.

where is this Raudskinna Compact from, text wise?

They are in Rival Magic, at the end of the Muspelli section, p106.

A benevolent association of wizards, but possibly doomed by lack of access to the Parma. They oppose the Muspelli, and solve the Supernatural woes of the North, but are forbidden to cast magic on mundanes, unless asked (blessing of crops, stuff like that).

I see no reason they would be in Provence, their existence isn't really canon, and even assuming their existence the idea they would pre-train an apprentice in this way and then abandon them to the Hermetic order. A full Rudskinna mage might be a companion in Novgorod, but this mixture of traditions would not work anywhere.

Well, Vikings did invade and settle in France! But very well, I will rework the character.

Yes, centuries before the Raudskinna Compact was formed, and the organization is limited to Scandinavian countries. It's about the organization, not genealogy.

Should I delete this character or do you have a way to revise it into something that fits the campaign?

Oops, apologies, didn't realize I had not updated. On the agenda, tomorrow night. Will be a much easier fit.

BTW, how many pawns of vis for a Personal vis source in this Tribunal?

Character is now up, with story. Will use him right out of Gauntlet. Nothing fancy.

mmF is fairly narrow, applies when granting effects that increase (or decrease I would imagine) characteristics, not sure if it can cover anything else.

He has no rituals yet, despite his Mercurian magic. He will learn these as the Saga advances.

I have asked before, but have not received an answer: how much vis does a Personal Vis source produce in the Provencal milieu?
is it ok for it to sometimes grant Creo and at other times Mentem? Ok with it being random, under good experiences Creo, painful ones Mentem,

He is not a member of the Cult of Heroes, but I would imagine that having the Mercurian Virtue he would be of interest to them (and the Neo Mercurians).

Anyway, I'll await your evaluation.

my apologies- my information on PVS had not been well organized. 3 pawns/yr for provence


Awesome, thanks! Working up 3 Grogs and a Companion.