Leaworker mailman (or bounty hunter)

Can the lead worker virtue (HoH:TL Tremere) be combined with Sight of the Molten Magus (HoH:TL Guernicus) and Leap of Homecoming to make a magus an instant mail man?

Unless the Corpus material found by Sight of the Molting Magus is an AC to an undead being or ghost, the Lead Worker Virtue does not help you with it. Also, Leap of Homecoming to follow an AC just found with Sight of the Molting Magus is verrry risky, unless you have thoroughly analyzed before where it leads.


Beyond which why would you want to invest such resources into an "instant mailman" when you can just hand a letter to a redcap?

Really for instant unsecured mail you should probably just scry a mutually agreed upon area and project images there.

Oh, I thought it worked on humans as well. Well, how does it work then?

Best thread I recall on leadworker is this one, which includes a few answers by the author as I recall.