Legacy of the Phoenix

I'm not 100% sure, but I think Lucia's already called dibs.

Just putting it out there...
I do not mind incorporating sexuality, conventional and/or alternative, into the game. And tales of ribaldry are also fun. But I would ask that it be kept tasteful and used in moderation. Nothing lewd nor overbearingly constant.
Lucia is fine, no worries there. I am just trying to head off another Fiona :laughing:

I did some quick (really quick) research on the maturity of birds (really sloppy too, just used Yahoo answers :laughing: )
I think it depends on the size of the bird, with small birds reaching adulthood in about a year and larger birds requiring a few years (up to 5?)
And it is a magical bird, so we can hold it off even further to some magical number (like 7?) or the requirement of some phenominal action (like being returned to Elaine).

Is this on the Library page yet?

Vibria will be studying Elaine's book in Autumn of 1233 and Winter of 1234.

Elaine's Opus is on the library page now. Kinda.

I couldn't find anything about Phoenix Lance of Solar Fury aside from the name in this thread. I'm assuming it's a super-mega-awesome CrIg of some kind, but other than that, nothing. Ryu, when you get a chance, do you mind adding it to the Ignem spell list and the Creo Ignem section of the New Spells page?


The spell will remain a mystery until someone studies it!

Not even TeFo Level?

It's Creo Ignem, the same level as Lance of Solar Fury.

Only hit I can find on Google for "lance of solar fury ars magica" is our thread, a passing mention on a post on rpgpost.com, and the spell listing on a 4th edition sample page for a covenant description from alterego.com, which has it listed as a 45th level Ignem spell of unknown technique. I'm going to assume that this is what you mean and put it thusly on the library page.

4th edition Wizard's Grimoire.

For some reason, laying awake thinking about it, I was thinking it was in The Dragon and the Bear for some reason. (I even have WG, too)

But you'd still think that any of the three Google hits that came up would have mentioned this. glares at the internet Google, I am disappoint!

Yeah, a classic from the WGRE :smiley:

In case I haven't mentioned it (I don't think I have), Vibria does spend time with Lux down in the Eternal Flame. She doesn't go down all the time, or spend every waking moment, but she does more than poke her head in once a week.

She will go down there once in a while when she feels like she needs to get away from everything. From seeing how happy Vulcanus seems to be with his new [size=35]man-stealing[/size] wife, from getting out from under Lucia's feet (it seems like every time she turns around the [strike]girl[/strike] young woman is right there, cleaning or sweeping or sewing or something (and she keeps hearing rumours of her maidservant getting into fights, which is most unseemly), or from the leers, jeers, and just flat-out misunderstandings she has with pretty much everybody.

She talks to Lux, and doesn't right care if Lux understands or not...it's more or less venting monologues with an audience, if that makes sense? A verbal diary?

So. Um. Yeah.

(Oh. And how long did it take her hair to grow back?)

Lux is a great listener, and can usually tell exactly the right images and pictures to put in Vibria's mind to cheer her up.

(I have no idea how women's hair grows. If it's as fast as beards, then pretty quick.)

(Quick Google search seems to indicate half an inch a month a month, ranging from 1/4 to 1 inch. Wasn't sure if the being-burned-out-by-magical-fire would be a factor, and I seem to remember something about a sunlight factor...as in, it only grows back if she's in the sun, or some such.)

Are you really trying to calculate scientifically how fast hair grows? Isn't there a table for that in the 1st edition AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide? And Ryu, just because you are bald doesn't mean you don't see people growing hair right before your eyes.
Short hair people get a clip about once a month. It takes me about a year to go from total buzz to a small tail that I can tie back.

And sunlight just colors your hair. It does that to lots of people, such as myself. And sometimes your hair changes color as you age. I used to be blond as a child, my brother a red head. We both darkened. Now I am a brown haired blue eyed Greek devil :wink:

Then again, keep in mind that Marko Markoko is indeed a dragon. :smiling_imp:

I thought that Marko was black haired. And sported a moustache.

I don't watch how fast it happens, though!