Legend about finding missing person for an elysian adventure


My fellow players have been embarked in the Faerie Realm. Now, i have read the ROP F book, and it seems our saga would happily need an elysian type of adventure. The Path of Destiny is about "reviving a story already told, even if forgotten".
In the saga, there is a big mystery, the disappearance of a magus, that the player really really need to figure out, because if they don't, at the roman tribunal of 1235, they will be Marched, accused to have killed him.

So, i would like to let play an adventure where the players will be in the pursuit of a man, trying desesperatly to find him.
But i don't have any idea of such legend...

Do you have any idea?

Metaphoric ideas are also good (pursuit of an item rather than a man). For those, i already have tought about the Quest of The Graal by Perceval (from the Arthurian Legends).

This evoke things, but I can't point any of them...

Something like zeus chasing a woman, maybe...

For a darker tone, you could also use the wild hunt, with the PCs being in the hunt, although this has already been done to death

There are also stories about someone (usually a girl) trying desperately to escape Baba Taga, IIRC with the help of animal friends and/or magical items. Like, throw the haircomb and it becomes a forest, throw the tear and it becames a lake... They could play the girl's part. But this comes back to my infancy, so I can't recall anything :frowning:
EDIT: Found something here

I have read the link you provided. It was an interesting tale. i didn't know it ^^.
But i don't think it's appropriate, i'd rather like an adventure where the players are the hunters. in the Baba yaga tale, it would be about "kind words unlock iron doors" and "give and you'll be given" (or whatever the translation could be in English from french :p).

The Quest for Graal is a good example of tale i could use, but i'd prefer to use a "charachter hunt" than a "item hunt". And as Elysium is about "true" story told, i'd like to use a story at least known by us today (even if i have to print a summary for the PC) that invent one.

This is frustrating. I know there are tales like that, but I can't remember any T-T

Some of the 12 Labours of Hercules are about chasing things down and capturing them.

Trying to capture Helen of Troy is, I suppose, about finding someone missing.

Sticking with the Trojan War: Achilles desperately trying to find the missing Patroclus is (briefly) something of this sort --- Patroclus being dead, of course.

Or Telemachus trying to find his lost father Odysseus; which is the frame for the Odyssey.

There's lots of Greek myths that involve looking for someone or something to a certain extent.

Orpheus and Euridyce :wink:

There's also the story about... Well, la princesse aux petits poids. It's about a prince searching for the perfect princess, but they all have defects. Until he finds the true one, who's so delicate she can't sleep when you put a single pea under 20 matresses.

Hell, even the sleeping beauty is the search for a fabled-for princess.

Nice variation on that theme. A weight-lifting princess is great comic relief. :mrgreen:


My bad!!! It's "la princesse aux petits pois"... Now, I wrote something akin to "the little weights" instead of "the little peas" :laughing:

Salvete, Sodales!

Probably this is a bit late for your game (had no time for any hobbies during these last months and just saw the thread), but perhaps someone can still use this as inspiration:

  • story of Osiris (After he is killed his wife has to retrieve his body from the sea, but just as she has got it, his enemies steal the body again hack it into pieces and hide them in fourteen different places, so she has to set out again to retrieve them; then she must convince some other gods - e.g. Anubis - to put the pieces back together and perform a complicated ritual to revive him at least partially - result: the first mummy and a king of the dead.)
  • Odysseus (12 years of criss-crossing the Mediterranean to find his wife (and kingdom and son); unfortunately he might set out with a big party but tends to arrive alone)
  • Brunhild (part of the Nibelungen-saga: A Valkyrie has defied Odin and is cursed to sleep in a castle on a lonely, nearly unaproachable island far out in the sea; the castle is surrounded by a ring of fire, and the only way to wake up the maid is to land on that island, cross the fire and kiss her - of course the girl is trouble. - Basically a variation of sleeping beauty.)
  • Cinderella (The base story is actually quite old and there are many variations throughout the ages, but from the prince's point of view it should fit.)
  • Gudrun (or Kudrun) (Nordic saga, first written version is actually slightly past our canonical time, but it probably is based on older material; a story about beautiful princesses who are locked away by their fathers, wooed and abducted by cunning and brave knights, or abducted by equally cunning but less brave ones, reclaimed by great heroes... - and in a Faerie-realm scenario the characters could probably take part in various stages of this multi-generational saga.)
  • Thor's search for his hammer (Ok, it's a quest for an item, but still classical)
  • Snow-queen (Here the main problem is that the story is actually not traditional but a 19th century tale by H.C.Andersen, but if you don't care too much about such things it fits in)
  • The Daughter of the skies (traditional Celtic story about a woman who is left by her husband because of her mistakes but instead of lamenting sets out on a quest to win him back.)

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