Legends of Hermes

It's over on Timothy's website!



I love how cool Fortunata looks in the picture.

She's center bottom, right?

For those who aren't aware: who is Fortunata?

Fortunata is the "master of spirits" among the 5 legendary magi;
she is top right, around 2 o'clock - the lady in blue, touching the mirror ... which appears to reflect someone else (who?)

I think the whole 5-way set of portraits look excellent! I am, of course, particularly flattered by Fortunata...

Legendary from... what book? I do not recall any 5 mythic magi besides the founders from memory...


what about Apromor, Pendule, Notatus, Belin, Entisimon, Quendelon, Herrisson, Himnis, Vederis, Mendalus, and so on. Can you recall no one else?

Ahh my mistake. I couldn't see what the bottom figure (obviously Conciatta) was doing in the thumbnail and consequently misinterpreted the reflection in the Fortunata piccy as someone else... :blush:

True true :stuck_out_tongue:

However, no Fortunata or Conciatta in my immediate register.


Nor Hermanus nor Thomae I'd imagine.

It's up on Atlas's site, which is where I took it from. They also have the rear cover blurb.


Legendary -after this book-. 8)

Yes but your picture is larger :slight_smile:.

I'm quiet surprised: where does those magi come from? I've never read their name... :confused:

Not very mythic if you tell me. As a laughing stock of a magus, maybe, but not legendary :unamused: :laughing: I am surprised that 5 magi can cover a 144 page book. They will be detailed indeed!!!! Or their legacy will be, I suppose :slight_smile:

I assume it is strictly under NDA, but just in case.... What about the already known magi that Erik mentioned oin this thread (apromor, notatus,...). Will they be in the book as well? It seems not, but just checking....


There are magi beyond the current primi that deserve the title legendary:

  • Feodorus ex Criamon
  • Cercistum
  • Gwendalon
  • Notatus and Trianorma
  • Hercynius

are the first that I remember right away (not looking into any books, spelling may vary)

Ahem. NDAs, people. The book isn't out yet...

The magi in this book are legends in the Order who haven't been mentioned in the books yet (with, possibly, one exception, but I can't be bothered checking). We're expanding the background, and at the same time not trampling on anyone's saga by negating their vision of one of the established legends.

Since the names are on the page, the pictures are, clockwise from top right, Fortunata, Herisson, Conciatta, Hermanus, and Thomae.

I guess you'll have to read the book then to see why.

Indeed! :smiley:


I look forward to it, and I am sure it shall be interesting.

One criticism on the premise though. There already exists a wealth of legendary magi in Hermetic History; Belin, Apromor, Entisimon, etceteras. Why the need to invent five new magi that previously did not exists, yet expect us to accept them as "Legends"?
More revisionism? Indulgent creativity? Part of the continued systematic attempt to dispose of all things old and great about Ars Magica?

Timothy, I know how easily offended you are. Please take a step back from your personal involvement and understand where I am coming from. I have not yet ready the book, and I am sure I will enjoy it.
I am criticizing the premise of the book, and my comment is more appropriately directed at David Chart.
So David, why "Legends of Hermes"? Wouldn't another title be more appropriate? And didn't you already release a book of all new magi?
The book is prolly great. I just think that a book called "Legends of Hermes" should be about magi that were already legendary, having existed as part of the Ars backstory for several editions, or at least ones that had been mentioned in earlier ArM5 books.
Calling a book of all new magi "Legends" seems just screwy to me.