"Les alliances" : Covenant in french

What do you think ?
And apparently we will have an orignal campaign taking place in Arles :slight_smile:
I hope they will consult with Atlas Games so that it doesn't conflict with the provencal tribunal ^^

Puh, We on Spain are gonna be on other direction, but probably we'll get nearer to the original since here.

Well, I'd very much like a copy...any idea where I can buy one from?

Well, some store sell copies of Ars Magica FR through Amazon.fr : (I can use amazon.uk/us/com with my .fr account, so I suppose anyone could use the .fr version too).

amazon.fr/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1 ... ars+magica

Or maybe you can order it directly through Ludopathes's online store when it releases :


But I guess shipping prices to Australia, if available, would be prohibitive...

Alternatively, ask a friendly French, Swiss or Belgian player to procure a copy for you and send it to you overseas, but i'll still be pretty expensive...

edit : apparently, Ludopathes store only ships to France, Belgium, Switzerland and Canada...

The production values of the French edition seems amazing.

I wonder why they aren't linked to from Atlas' site? The ArM page lists the Polish and Spanish editions, but not the French.

Don't you get a copy as an author Timothy? I would have hoped the translators would provide one free of charge as after all yoi are not paid any more?

No: this was work for hire. All rights are held by Atlas, beyond my right to be identified as an author. They are under no legal obligation to send me copies.

No legal obligation, but if you are named as an author I feel you could ask politely of the French publisher.

In a heroic attempt to get a few more French delegates to this years Grand Tribunal here in England, I'm looking for someone to translate the main page at grandtribunal.org/wiki/Main_Page in to English, and translate a short post for me to place on the French language forums. I will reward anyone willing! If interested say here or drop me a line :slight_smile:

cj x

I can do it this week end if you want, and post on the Ludopathes official forum about it.

Excellent that would be wonderful! If you can email me the page and if you can the tickets page translated to chrisjensenromer@hotmail.com I'll sort you out a present. :slight_smile:

cj x

@cj.23 and @Doogy: I've just sent you a PM concerning Grand Tribunal UK wiki page translation to french.

Is there any french who's interested to attend? Or spanish? Xavi?

And the Ars Magica french collection looks bound to be really beautiful, I don't regret my french leather corebook. I'm tempted to buy Alliances, but I don't have the place or money for a spare Ars Magica collection :frowning:

Mario is joining us from Spain I believe. We are really hoping for some French delegates again this year.

I might try to attend, but after my unsuccessful plans for the past 4 editions or so due to other compromises I am not very willing to put much hope into my presence there. I would love to be there, and I have a LotN copy with me awaiting be used as a GT prize since forever, but hey, real life is a LARP that is difficult to leave sometimes.

If you need the page translated, I can do that, but I a wiki-challenged person, so you would need to upload the translation yourself.