Lesser Enchanted Item - Master's Skull

Hi i was thinking about this enchanted item to one Covenant of my game:

It's a good reason to unconventiunal teachers on one Covenant, kosher or some question against?

smallish problems:
A) If you're working off of Whispers Through the Black Gate, the head needs to be reasonably intact.
B) The range is rather debatable.

IMS, we ended up with the head as an invested item, enchated to preserve itself, along with an effect rather similar to this.
Which should work, provided you can argue the spirit isn't moving off - we used ReMe for that.

no big problems really

Were you anticipating that the burial ceremony is a mandatory part of the spell? Perhaps the body must also be buried within a magical aura?

I like the idea, especially if it can tap into some lore in the setting to do with deaths. Also handy if the preparation ceremony requires vis of some sort. Strictly it might need to have a link to a special virtue or minor discovery, but then it also seems reasonable that this hand-waveable.
So much of WttBG is odd that it seems ok to me; I like it.

Ok, true with the Aura, the Magic lore is to boost the Pagan origin, the talking Skull is for http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ymir or... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e3GNxJ2MfS4. The check is too a way to grant that the Skull/Head is well prepared before the Hermetic Enchantment. The Rego Mentem should not be compulsory/necessary, because the dead is OK, so maintain the free will and could leave if he wants, leading to questions and adventures. The same reason to the Penetration 0, collaboration.
The Skull like a Invested, i admit that should work better. I think that i'll write on this way: the Restore/conserve effect and the Talking head effect.
Thanks, when i'll have comlepted i'll check here and after others opinions to up on Lab section.

I was thinking more along the lines of Mimer: petermadsen.info/pages/vh/hv ... mimer.html

Ok, true, je. I wronged the Norse Giant, i was thinking on him.
I am writing this Enchantment more detailled, soon here; the translate time.

A head along the lines of Mimir would ofcourse need to be able to play chess.. (well, technically HNEFATAFL, but...)

A pagan ritual on a deceased person so their head continues to advise after death?

Seems awfully Diedne to me. Remain where you are, some friendly Tremere magi will be along shortly.

:mrgreen: Love it!

And Merinita, Ex Miscellanea, Tremere, Criamon and Tytallus, and maybe Jerbiton if the head is one of the St John Bautist, je.