Lesser or Greater Immunity?

Is Immunity from Thirst and Immunity from Hunger Lesser or Greater?

I'd expect Lesser bt would be interested in an opinion.

Lesser Immunity is defined as: "neither common, nor deadly"



Not eating/drinking is deadly, isn't it?


But I'm not talking about an immunity to starvation or dehydration (which together I think would constitute a Major Immunity), merely to the sensations/effects of thirst & hunger up to the point where you die.

See the Minor Virtue Unaging for an idea - ignore the effects of ageing, but you still build up decrepitude points. For thirst/hunger this would translate into ignoring the effects of Deprivation (ArM5, p180-181), but still gaining (Long Term) Fatigue Levels and Wound Levels and the chance of dying.

Do you see what I mean?

Actually, it is "either rare, or not deadly, or both", meaning deadly is ok, as long as it rare.

I'd probably allow immunity to starvation or dehydration as Lesser, but both togather as Greater.



That seems potential lifethreatening.... Especially in a society with less affluency then ours...

Actually, to not be able to feel hunger and/or thirst would, at least in my book, be a Lesser Malediction, and if both, quite possibly a Greater. This is quite simply because those few unfortunates that has this affliction in the real world, either thrtough medication or some other reason, oftentimes waste away and become quite simply ill unless they have things or people that aid them in remembering to eat... It's definitely not a good thing.

I agree that the inability to recognise starvation/thirst could make a good Lesser Malediction, but in that case I'd expect all the usual penalties to apply, merely that the targeted individual is oblivious to the sensation.

I'm talking about being immune to the effects of the deprivation (penalties etc.), not oblivious to the sensation of thirst. The affected character is immune to the effects of the deprivation but still feels the need to eat.

For example, such a Lesser Immunity could model a camel's ability to go without water for long periods of time etc.