Let's Kill Johnny Badhair

I saw that the book Let's Kill Johnny Badhair is getting released in July of 2015 on Amazon.

It is supposed to have all of the paintings and drawings that were done for the Johny Badhair series as well as notes etc.

For those who are wondering about the Johny Badhair series.

Johny Badhair was a character in Marvel's Epic comic/magazine.

Phil Hale who was one of the artist for Epic did the Shadowfist card of him and let the character be put into Feng Shui. I have to dig out my Shadowfist players guide out as it has some info.

I'm not familiar with the Epic comic so I'm not sure how different the comic character is from the Feng Shui one.

The book isn't that expensive for a hardcover so I most likely will pick it up.