Let's make a comprehensive spell index

As Tiz has alrady done most of the work (THANKS!), it might be best if you'll send me his file too. I'll work on double-checking his entries (only for TL?!) and putting them in your file's format.

(You do have my address, don't you? If not, it's peterpan immortal at hotmail.com. Without spaces. That's my junk mail address, if the files are over 1M so you need my gmail or university addresses, PM me.)

Thanks Tiz. If I could, I'd grant you a Master title just for this masterwork. :slight_smile:

cheers to you Tiz for a job well done :exclamation:

Erik - if you are patching things together, please give a shout if any books needs to be added.

I hope a final version will be accessable when all is said and done. 8)

Just kicking this topic back on the top. What has happened with this? Do we have a list? If we do, is it something people want to share? Is anything still missing or in need of getting done?

I have a list of all of the spells (or will in about ten minutes). I had a very busy week and I let it drop.

I could send it to anyone who wants one. PM me with your email. Possibly you might want to wait until later this week when I've had time to add the spells, if any, from City and Guild (assumng that I can lay my hands on it Tuesday).

We don't have a list of item powers. I wanted to include the item powers in order to have a truely comprehensive list, but the spells were really the main point. I personally don't want to go through all of the books myself to add item powers but I can't ask for volunteers with a clear concience unless I'm going to be able to see the project to its conclusion. With all of the holiday celebrations commng up in the next month I don't think that I'll be able to do devote more than an hour or two in the next month.

So either option A: it's all done thanks to Fruny, Yair, and Tiz Woo Hoo!! time to celebrate.

Or option B: the project is stalled at the half way point because of time constraints on Erik. Anyone else who want's to pickup the reins and drive it to the conclusion is welcome to do so.

Done with the spells. (there were some special parameters that were missing and I added the spells from Semita Erebunda and RoP: D).

PM me if you want a copy.

Tell me which books you want me to harvest, and I will. I won't be able to devote more than a few hours up to the weekend, though.

  • Yair

Erik, any books you want me to harvest for items' powers?

Well we've got none so far. Anything you want to do is fine.

Why don't we start a new worksheet on the same excel file

I think that Gaurdiens and Calebais are the big ones for this as they have the most NPC magi.

There are a few in the main book, covenants, and Mysteries revised as well.

The rest of the line RoP: I, RoP: D, HoH:TL, HoH: MC might have some hidden here and there but not many.

I'll work on GotF and Covenants then. Don't have Calebais (since my friend took it), and two books is enough for now. (Edit:Covered HOH:MC and TMRE too.)

I'll add the new worksheet and send the file with it to you in 48h or so.