Let's make the missing Amazon inititation scripts

On pages 30 and 31 of rival magic It is discussed that the Amazons have two initiation scripts in their possession and the benefits that can be gained from the scripts are presented. There is also a sort of thumbnail sketch about how scripts are modified and created that isn't going to be quite enough to help anyone who doesn't have one of the mystery books, and provides no value to anyone who does.

What it doesn't present are actual scripts would would be of actual use to a story guide who wanted to have characters perform them, and would add depth to the tradition, and wouldn't do the game the disservice of making mystery initiation seem more of a flavorless twinky mechanics fest than a role playing experience. (Granted that it does say that most amazons come up with their own scripts rather than learning the scripts of others, which certainly fits the tradition. I think it would have been better to have the Amazons take the scripts from the ghosts of ancient Amazons rather than make them fresh, but that's a matter of taste.)

But I'm not posting to dwell on this defect in the chapter (OK clearly it upset me but there's nothing to be done about it now, and I see no further value in beating up on poor Mr. Ryan, who's chapter is otherwise quite to my likening).

There are two inititations: The centaur's Heart and the Living Goddess What should the scripts look like?

Here's my thought for the Centaurs Heart: The initiate must find and capture a domestic beast with a might score and then travel with it to some suitably mythical horsey place and sacrifices it to a horse spirit there at a specific time. The initiate undertakes an oath to treat horses as family to her

So the script provides a +10 bonus:
+3 specific place and time
+3 specified quest
+3 minor ordeal
+1 sacrifice of goods or wealth

For this one I'd want a spirit and place that says Amazon. Are there any Egyptian or Scythian horse centered myths to draw upon?

I'm trolling for ideas here for the other mystery or for alternate scripts for this one.

The amazing wikipedia image datafile (the best thing about wikipedia) has this scythian image:

Griffins tearing apart some horses. Defending horses from Griffins seems suitable.

Scytians were a horse culture, anyway, so noble horse stories saving the life of men are bound to have existed.