Letters, we got your letters

Autumn, 1224

To: Marós filia Mirella ex Miscellanea Kore tes Kirkes, Insula Canaria, Loch Leglean

From: Fiona filia Marós ex Miscellanea Kore tes Kirkes

Dearest mater,

All is progressing well here in Normandy, and I am making gradual progress with trying to get "normal" magi to see people like me as people and not merely as giants or half-giant as we appear on the outside. Naturally, some people are coming to this conclusion more readily than others, but I carry on.

I am deeply grateful for Sheelagh. She is progressing nicely in her studies, and is now fluent in Latin and has learned her letters. I have spent the last few months teaching her how to be more efficient in her application of Corpus, and next year I plan to teach her how to bring out the mythic attunements in various plants.

I think you might like to know, if you've not already heard, that I am putting together a summit here at Mons Electi, a few weeks after the Tribunal in the summer of 1227, for members of the Order who have Giant blood to get together to discuss the various advantages and disadvantages that our heritage gives us, and to possibly work together to find ways to overcome those disadvantages. I would very much like for you to attend, even though you are not Giant-blood yourself, so that we can discuss what has been going the past few years and to share your analysis on what we discuss.

I look forward to hearing from you, and especially to seeing you again.

Your faithful filia,


(Spring 1226, addressed to Angus mac Ossian and delivered via mundane means)

Dear cousin,

I am making slow but steady progress gaining acceptance despite what I am. I am hearing fewer comments than I used to, and one of my fellow wizards has finally noticed that I am a woman, in addition to being half giant.

I'm sorry that I have not written more often, but there has not been much to discuss.

I am hosting a meeting of as many giant blooded wizards as I can find, to discuss the problems that we have dealing with those smaller than us, among other things. The meeting will be here at my home in France. I have had replies from as far as Greece for the meeting, so my hope is that it will be well attended and that we will be able to accomplish much more as a group than I would be as an individual.

I hope everything is going well for you. Give my love to the whole clan.


Delivered the beginning of summer 1225

To: Viscaria Lynchis Verditii of Mons Electi, Normandy Tribunal
From: Praxiteles Jerbitonis of Laurus Argenti, Rhein Tribunal

Dearest Viscaria,
It is good of you to write. I accept the commission. We can discuss the details of said commission when I arrive. This letter should precede me by a few days. After I complete my work, I will be off to visit an amicus, and then my pater in Paris on my return trip.

I've already undertaken the selection of a suitable slab. If she is giant blooded and significantly larger than the average man, I'm thinking 10 cubic paces [note 10 cubic paces is 270 cubic feet, see the rough dimensions I marked out below] is woefully inadequate. If we assume that a standard horse length is 8 feet, which, in my experience with horses is a very reasonable determination, we can easily see that 10 cubic paces, while it seems sufficient is actually rather small when you take into consideration the wingspan of a winged beast. War horses are anywhere from 14 to 16 hands high, and for an aesthetically pleasing look, the wing span at full extension must be at least twice the length of the horse. Taking all that into account, I think I have an unfinished block of just over 11 feet long, nearly 6 feet tall, and a hairs breadth over 20 feet wide, which should be suitable for this project. I have another larger block, as well, if we should desire to go a bit taller. I'll take a corner chip from each block, and we can handle the transport of the block once I have a casting token and have prepared a workshop.

((He writes a bit on finesse, but it seems distracted, and this is indicative of the times where he seems focused on a new project, such as the one Viscaria just commissioned.))


((Korvin will take some of the Bishop's advice and try some statecraft))
Send 1223.4 Roman Tribunal - Harco

Alessandro ex Mercere

My dear Parens,

I am writing to invite you to Mons Electi in the summer of 1227. Mons Electi is hosting the Normandy Tribunal and there will be a large gathering of our brothers and sisters for the Mercere Fair. I would like to have as many of the Gifted Mercere come as well. Many of us have not gathered together as happens to often with our House.

You are parnes to many of us I hope you see a need for we Gifted members of Mercere to begin to work together for our greater good. Our House has become too split. I understand your thoughts more clearly now as I grow older when you spoke of our House as being seen as servants by the Order. I found myself echoing those words recently. While we cannot correct everything at once we can start by talking and working together. I hope for your attendance and support in this mater.

your filius,


This letter written and sent in Autumn 1226, after Roberto arrives at Mons Electi...

[color=brown]To my dear friend Wirth,
Salve sodale.
I have recently arrived at Mos Electi, but the journey was not without incident. Almost at my destination, my cart mysteriously broke down. Pedro broke his arm and the VanHalen kid got scuffed up. I got them to Mons Electi for medical attention, and when I returned the cart had been looted and burned. But any mystically related resources were laid to the side. An obvious case of Hermetic Banditry. My lab equipment was trashed, so it may take some time before I can learn Leap of Homcoming so as to come visit.
There are strange doings transpiring here. It seems the covenant has made a rival out of a Valarian of Gurnicus, a hoplite (and a horses ass). Another is Rotiger of Flambeau, formerlly of Tremere) who is also an asshole. I am going to have to deal with them sooner or later.
Also, some of these magi seem to be deluded about conspiracy theories concerning the history of the Order. My opinion: let the dead worry about the past. The present is for the living. But I will investigate. One never knows.
It was with a heavy heart that I left Novus Mane, but duty calls. I hope to secure an alliance between our covenants, and I hope to resolve the mystery of what happened to our former primus. I have heard that Prima Ariel is at Val-Negra attempting restoration. Let us hope she discovers the truth of our Founder while there. I hope to meet with her soon, either here at Mons Electi or to visit her there.
I hope all is well with you and the rest. How is Clara doing? Is she with child yet? Tell Betty & Johan their son is well. I hope to see you soon, and I invite you and any of the others to come visit me.
Until we meet again.

-Roberto Rodruigez of Flambeau

This letter is penned in the spring of 1223. It is written quickly in a casual, familiar hand, with rather thin letters, on a plain parchment; the impression in the wax seal has been made with a coin of some sort.

Dear Thamik,

It is late in the evening, but I promised myself I would write my dear friend this week, and tomorrow is the Sabbath. Truly I am tired, and a bit ill from this new climate - not that the relative warmth is unpleasant, but there are many plants flowering all around, and some of them seem not to agree with my breathing. The journey itself was without trouble, other than steeling myself for Tria's unique mode of travel. And her sodales here at Le Maison d'Levrier have been cordial enough, though none particularly effusive. No, it is simply the new location, and knowing that I don't really have a home right now.

Did you finish the cabinets for your laboratory? I never did get around to prying out of you how you intended to enchant them. I regret not being able to see the finished product, sleek and aesthetic as they would surely be under your hand. I wonder if I should be regretting, more generally, my decision to resign from Nigrasaxa before I heard back from Apollodorus. Perhaps it was still the right choice ... but I miss the lowlands, and our sodales (distant as they can sometimes be), and even that penny-pinching chamberlain of ours. Of course I miss my conversations with you most of all ... you, who have been most understanding about my peculiar condition.

Speaking of which, I have pondering your theory that my ability to perceive magical creatures and locales is related to the mystical bonds inherent in Arcane Connections. It does not seem likely to me (no insult is intended - I know you advance it only tentatively), but let's see how far we can go with the idea. Magical auras, for example, are manifestations of the Realm of Magic, as is the vis that saturated my body during my apprenticeship; thus theoretically, the aura could be said to be a part of me, or more precisely a part of part of me. Immediately though, we come to the undeniable fact that I cannot sense objects that are Arcane Connections to myself - not with my sensitivity to magic, at any rate. I do grant your point that this theory helps to explain why sensing Hermetic spells is nearly impossible, while sensing even lowly magical creatures is not uncommon for me.

Ultimately these questions return to the proper definition of the Form of Vim. That we know it when we see it is of no theoretical help (regardless of your prowess in the laboratory, I say to forestall your sure reaction!): the typical foundational writings on the topic are circular at best. "If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature's way," to quote Aristotle; and so we should conceive of that definition of Vim with the property that it is the best possible manifestation of Vim. Consider for example an empty regio, containing a magical aura but no recognizable landscape.... The letter continues for another page or so, running through a thought experiment about the nature of Vim. I know you will quickly find problems with this conclusion, dear friend, with your detail-oriented mind. But perhaps "that which can alter the nature of other" is a step in a forward direction.

Do please write soon, if you can. Our friendship is dear to me; and in my mind, distance already threatens to decay it.

Written in the midst of Winter 1226

To Roberto Flambonis, Mons Electi


I was sad to see you go. Glad to know you're well, despite your problems. I hope you'll teach these men to respect you, and will avenge Pedro.
I heard Mons Electi is quite rich. So, hopefully, your hermetic loss won't be very great.
Beware, though. I don't know Rotiger, but I've heard Valerian is quite a Master at terram. Don't expect your parma to protect you, and avoid metal armor and weapons at all costs.

Being in a covenant of nutcases... I don't envy you. But take care. One or two, okay. But if these magi are all deluded, there must be a reason.
Either they claims are true but unprovable, they interpret the facts wrongly, or someone manipulates them. But there must be a root to their thinking. I advise you to find out what it is. And act accordingly.
Another thing. If their delusion is strong, they may be prone to stupid moves. Like attacking someone, or accusing him. Conspiracy theories lend themselves well to finding ennemies. Don't get caught in the fallout of their eventual mistakes.
Did Ariel know about this before she send you to them? And is so, why? And why did she care?

Talking about conspiracy theories... I spoke with Sandra Flambonis, from Clair de Lune. There are rumors. About Garus being murdered. And that Ariel doesn't trust the magi of Castra Solis with her life. I don't know if this is true. But if it is, beware. You'll be seen as an agent of Ariel, and thus, a target. And you'll be alone. I won't be here to have your back.

Every thing is fine here. Edward* is growing up nicely. Clara spoils him a lot. I try to compensate. I'll tell Betty and Johan. They'll be happy. Alieanus almost made his lab explode last month, but everything's okay now. iolar... just flies out, I don't see her much.

Until the end,

Wirth, of Flambeau.

*Remember, they had a son!

(forgot about the son :blush:. Um, Roberto was inquiring about Wirth's attempts to have a second child before starting Longevity.)
written to Wirth at Novus Mane, at the end of 1226.4 (though Roberto dates it as Winter 1227 because he goes by the ecclesiastical calander)
[color=brown]Salve sodale!
Good to hear from you. I hope to see you this summer at Tribunal, which is being hosted here at Mons Electi. You know how I hate the Normandy Tournament, but as a social gathering this will be an important event. I need to make allies, gather information, and build a network. This sounds so very unlike me, but it is what is needed. As I told you, I do not fear death. I fear becoming a politician.
As for "delusions" of my new covenant mates, I exaggerate. As far as I am aware, no one here is utterly mad or anything. It is just that I have a hard time swallowing it. But it seems obviously tied into the events at hand. I will speak more specifically whence we next meet in person. I do not feel comfortable writing it down for there may be spies everywhere.
As for Valarian, I am not so worried about him. Terram specialist? I wear leather armor and fight using fire. But still, he seems like a man just doing his job. He may be an @$$hole, but he has yet to do anything to really torque me. Besides, he is a Hoplite of Gurnicus. Such men are often made gruff by the sorid experiences they are forced to deal with. And if he gets out of line, I'll break his nose. Let's see the Terram expert halt a fist in the face!
Aelianus, alsways with the crazy inventions. And Iolar. The fiery beauty. There could have been something there if she wasn't so set in her pagan ways. I can be quite tolorant and open minded, but I cannot compromise my faith.
Have you heard from Havlard lately?
There is Flambeau magus here I think you might know. He seems to be of your lineage, the Perdo magi of Apromor. He specialized in cold and ice. His name is Issen (I think), and he reminds me of you.
I am now in the midst of rebuilding my lab and outfitting it the way I like. Mons Electi has provided me with Venitian glassware and other superior equipment to replace what was broken, plus some well crafted tools superior to those I had before. It is time consuming, but this lab will grow to exceed the quality of my old one by the time I am finished.
These people gawked when I installed living quarters in my lab. The sanctum has plenty of room, I just like staying close to my projects as they percolate. I might move it later, or use the extra space in the tower for storage. I need to rebuild my armory. My main gear is intact. All of the extra weapons I had been collecting were looted though. Good thing I gave you my old sword! That's the only item I can think of, other than the gear I wear, which would serve as an Arcane Connection to me.
Until we meet again my friend. Hope to see you this summer.
-Roberto of Flambeau

In response to this letter from Tranquillina, the following letter is delivered by Renaud late in the spring of 1224. It is written upon papyrus, sealed in wax that contains a piece of walnut shell still embedded in the seal.

Fair greetings, sodalis. Please forgive this aging old man who could not directly remember receiving the letter to which you referred; fortunately it was still ensconced in my stored belongings, and hence I was able after reflection to call our introduction to mind. You have moved quite a great distance since that time, as you say - perhaps not so unusual, although I far prefer to remain here amidst the stability of home and family. Your prayers on their behalf are kind and welcome: when we received your last letter, Semira called for a mass to amplify your intentions and to echo the Lord's favor back upon you. My children and grandchildren are well indeed, although my nephew Sopros was thrown from his horse and is confined to his Convalescence Bed; I thank you for your prayers in his name also. Arbus Tutus (my 7th) is now raising a daughter, praise God, and will soon begin siring sons of my great-great-grandfather's bloodline.

But you asked about Hermetic matters, in particular the art of diagnosis. The best use of this quill is to inform you that much of what I might tell you is also available to the Order at large, as I have sent two volumes detailing my research to your House's vaunted library. Most in demand will be my treatise on Longevity Rituals and fertility, but your inquiry leads me to suggest the other volume, in which I describe Artemis' Fertility which demonstrably increases the likelihood of conception for the spell's beneficiary. Among other incantations, the diagnostic The Maculate Noblewoman is most directly related to your question; I should attempt to summarize its main ideas briefly here, for your medical beliefs (if I might say so without offending) are suffering from a few minor misapprehensions.

First, while you are correct that the humours derive from the chyle that is delivered to the liver via the appetitive force, it is not the liver alone that mediates the second concoction producing the four humours, but only the aspect governing the sanguineous humour. Indeed the natural faculty must be distributed as far as the pituitary before all four humours can be derived. On the plus side, this demonstrates that your hypothetical Intellego spell can be centered upon one of these organs alone, the pituitary in your example of detecting the creation of the serous humour. Contrarily, Intellego trained upon the liver alone cannot detect the balance of humours. Moreover, the transformation into cambion (and, more pertinently, sperma) is far removed from this second concoction, and so - while the balance of the humours is of course essential for the health of the human vessel in which flourishes the cambion, it is not directly involved in that creation. In fact my grandfather Alboin was the first to demonstrate conclusively that cambion can indeed be magically created....
(He includes a brief description of his grandfather's spell, then goes into more details about his diagnostic incantation and the elements of Corpus magic that differentiate its effects on the various bodily tissues and fluids. Much of this description is understandable, but a few details involving both advanced medical knowledge and newly discovered Hermetic theory are difficult for even Tranquillina to fully comprehend.)
In this way, we see that additionally to the reduction or amplification of any one humour, it is crucial that the total fluid content of the patient be preserved, else one might induce hypohydration or, in the other direction, even burst an organ with excess. This is the danger (one danger - not the only) of weaving Rego power into a diagnostic spell, which is why I prefer to regulate the patient with mundane methods (simple fluid intake, administering a spontaneous purgatory, or leeching) and confine such investigations to the Technique of Intellego alone.

Perhaps these simple observations might assist you in pulling together a lesser version of The Maculate Noblewoman, to allow some investigation into your servant's condition while you gain access to the perfected spell at Durenmar; I hope I have given you some reason to be hopeful. I will pray for her fertility at the next full moon. Your invitation is most kind, but I have a large family to oversee here, and indeed enchantments to design for the first of my great-grandchildren.
Aurulentus ex Jerbiton

Back to Roberto, at the start of 1227

Salve Amicus

I had planned to skip the tribunal altogether, but Edward seems quite eager to see it, so I guess I'll come. It'll be something he'll remember.
I'll hear you about these magi. I hope to be able to shed some insight in this.
Havlard... We still keep to each other, so I can't much tell. You know what it is. Not a friend, not a foe, just the neighbour.
Quite funny that you'd speak to me of Isen. We had a correspondance a few seasons ago.
Sandra Flambonis send him to me, assuming, like you, that we shared the same lineage. We don't. I'm from Apromor, and favor Perdo Corpus and stealth. He's from Sebastian, and is all about Creo, Rego, and Aquam. Still, we managed to find something to discuss with Parma. Seemed like a nice guy, I agree, although a bit obsessive. I hope you two will become friends. It'll make your stay easier.
I'm glad you've got such good equipment for your lab. You're lucky ME is so wealthy and generous. Some covenants would have left you out dry. As per your lab and sanctum, it's yours, so who cares? Do as you like.
And have no fear for your sword. I've put it on display in my lab. It reminds me of our friendship every day. And I'll kill anyone who tries to take it.

See you this summer, then. Clara sends her regards. Edward does, too. He misses you and your stories, says you were funny.

To: Ra'am of Bonisagus
[tab][/tab]Covenant of Phoenix, Iberian Tribunal.

From: Fiona ex Miscellanea Kore tes Kirkes
[tab][/tab]Covenant of Mons Electi, Normandy Tribunal

(early to mid-summer, 1225...about three days or so after Praxiteles and Alips arrive))

Esteemed sodalis,

I do not know if you remember our chance meeting at the most recent Normandy Tribunal meeting, but I recall well the measure of success that you had with the stall you had set up for your Longevity Rituals.

Unfortunately, my knowledge of this particular application of our Arts is somewhat limited, and so I turn to you for help.

A magus whom I have commissioned for a project, has requested that I find a superior Longevity Ritual for his wife. His wife is already under the protection of a Longevity Ritual and, although she claims to be in her seventh decade of live, looks to be no more than 20.

I immediately thought of you, due to your success at Tribunal and the fact that, as a Bonisagus, your knowledge and application of the various areas of magic are surely nonpareil.

I trust that this commission is one that strikes your fancy and that you respond at your earliest opportunity so that we may work toward a mutually beneficial bargain.

[center]Fiona ex Miscellanea Kore tes Kirkes[/center]

About two weeks later, a letter is returned...

To: Fiona ex Miscellanea Kore tes Kirkes
Covenant of Mons Electi, Normandy Tribunal

From: Ra'am of Bonisagus
Covenant of Phoenix, Iberian Tribunal.


I do remember you. Pardon me for saying it, I have been told that I am direct, but I don't mean any disrespect, you are not easily forgotten. There are a few magi of your physical stature, so you and your kind have a tendency to stand-out. My apologies if that came out poorly. I am direct, not mean-spirited. I could tell you many a tale of where I told one of my amici here at Phoenix to do something and it was ill-received.

I am extremely surprised to have received this note, as Korvin is probably well versed at creating longevity rituals. So I must ask, is there a reason you seek me out, rather than your covenant mate? Is there some matter of confidentiality that must be maintained? A certain amount of discretion into your affairs required?

I am currently engaged in research related to maintaining fertility after commencing the longevity ritual. I offer standard rituals and experimental rituals to further my research goals. In the event of a flawed ritual that comes as a result of an experiment, I will reperform a standard ritual for half the cost. For the woman in question, my knowledge is more than capable of making her a ritual. Depending on whether extra vis is used, I can probably achieve as high 19th magnitude ritual, or 15th magnitude if no vis is used. Of course, this is at my lab here in Phoenix. Regardless of whether you chose an experimental or standard ritual, my vis fee is one half of the amount of vis necessary for the ritual. In her case that means my fee is 7 to 13 pawns of vis, above and beyond the cost of the ritual. I waive my fee for any ritual that needs to be reperformed, so you can exclude that from your calculations. We provide full hospitality for the duration of their stay here, and our environment is pleasing and relaxing while they are here[1].


[1] Ra'am is running a spa. :laughing:

Letters go back and forth between Mons Electi and Nigrasaxa multiple times a year. The following letter was sent to Tranquillina in the late autumn of 1224. It is scribed with a meticulous, almost pretentious handwriting, upon flax paper of higher than the usual mediocre quality.

My dear friend - so good of you to stop by for dinner last month. I'm sure everyone was as glad to see you as I was - I'm sure you know not to read into Herrit's games of the mind, nor Siffed's criamonic vagaries. We much enjoyed the bottle of Burgundy wine you brought - small recompense, I suppose, for you having to learn that hooligan Norman tongue. Now when will you get around to preserving that damn Arcane Connection here so that you can visit indefinitely?! I would spend the week myself on your behalf if I wasn't staunch in my commitment not to let you off the hook where viswork was concerned. I vow I will learn Pilum of Fire and cast it at your head if you go through with your incomprehensible plan to remove the distillation equipment from your lab. Expansion, my toll-toine. (partial jest)

Anyway, as we predicted the bitter cold has come early this year. Don't even tell me what balmy breeze you're living under. Interesting to hear about the environment at Mons Electi and how conducive it is to casting wards. I'd ask for the lab notes for your upcoming creation but I know it will end up in a folio anyway - ! This Viscaria sounds like quite a character. True that the Tribunal City you described to me seems like it will be quite impressive, if a bit ostentatious - I know many of my sodales are wont to show off unnecessarily. (say you nothing!)

Well, I guess we caught up on personal matters aplenty last month, so I might as well spend some time on our ongoing Vim discussion. Look, Tranquillina, I know your theoretical bent, and I trust that it really is your House training and not some weird coping mechanism for your condition; I respect your Hermetic knowledge and grant that there is some (distant, philosophical) validity to your point of view. But I am a practical man. I know Vim when I see it in action. When I sense a magical aura, or walk into a foreign Aegis, or cast one spell upon another, or investigate an enchantment. And, yes, when I open an item for enchantment, absolutely. To divorce yourself from actual, tangible Vim is to look at the matter with one eye closed.

Let me further my point with an example. Last year, Morlen went out to parley with a newly contacted Sidhe tribe; in the process, the faeries' stags charged our party, and one of the stags had to be slain. Morlen was near inconsolable, and not just because it soured the negotiations. Anyway, the stag's body was brought back to Nigrasaxa, and I went about harvesting the vis. Since I was in no hurry, I decided to boost my magic slowly, to test the resistance of the fae creature even after death.... (There follow a few paragraphs about some small-scale Intellego Vim and Muto Vim experiments that he performed on the corpse.) My hands stank to heaven for a week thereafter, but it was worth it to see the look on Maximianus's face!

Well, let's hope some of that will be useful to you in your quest to understand your own corporeal connection to Vim. I have to get back to this commission. Bloody hell but some days it's not worth the vis, to have to work in an unheated lab for half a year. I hope word of the finished product makes it around the Tribunal - I'm adding a few (necessary) flourishes to the larder to make it a little more impressive to the untrained eye. Take care of yourself down there - stay away from fire giants,


((Just a few days after Fiona receives her letter from Ra'am, she pens a response.))

To: Ra'am of Bonisagus
Covenant of Phoenix, Iberian Tribunal.

From: Fiona ex Miscellanea Kore tes Kirkes
Covenant of Mons Electi, Normandy Tribunal

To my esteemed Bonisagian colleague, greetings.

I trust you do not take this the wrong way, but I have spoken with Korvin (in addition to sending letters to others whom I had heard were exceptional in the field of inventing Longevity Rituals) with hopes of finding a superior Ritual within our means in the soonest possible time, and I had not yet had the opportunity to discuss the matter with Korvin when I sent my letter.

He has agreed to invent and perform the ritual for us.

However, it's always good to have a civilized discussion among peers about common interests. For example, I find it fascinating that when transforming a person, regardless of their final form, there will always be certain traits that identify the transformed person as being human. ((Here she discusses at length some Corpus stuff, particularly how it's affected by Muto and tangentially by Rego)).


Fiona ex Miscellanea

To: Fiona ex Miscellanea Kore tes Kirkes
Covenant of Mons Electi, Normandy Tribunal

From: Ra'am of Bonisagus
Covenant of Phoenix, Iberian Tribunal.

To my esteemed sodalis,

No apology is necessary, although I do miss the opportunity for the chance to experiment with an actual longevity ritual and not just spells to explore longevity. I also find it difficult to schedule very much time, as I'm currently handling two apprentices, so my schedule, as you can imagine, is quite full. In truth, this opportunity was as much a challenge as it was an opportunity.

((Ra'am responds politely about the Corpus, going into Creo and Rego applications. It counts for the 1xp to Corpus))

I do enjoy correspondence with my colleague, very much. I am interested in finding suitable correspondents to discuss the application of the entirety of Hermetic Magic Theory, would you be interested in continuing the discussion along those lines in future letters? I find I have little time for corresponding for much else, but writing about Magic Theory is quite simply easy for me, and I enjoy the insights I receive from others who view magica Theory through their specialty, rather than my own.

Warm regards,
Ra'am scholae Bonisagi

((Fiona may or may not know that Tranquillina has corresponded with Ra'am a bit about Magic Theory.))

Sent 1225.4
To Tektonius of Bonisagus, StoneHendge Tribunal


I hope this letter fines you in good form. My name is Korvin ex Mercere. I am a magus in the Normandy Tribunal at Mons Electi. I am given to understand that you are the filius of Cannophori Methuselah of Bonisagus. If true I have a question that perhaps you can answer.

First a bit of a story. I am not sure if you are familiar with the practices of the Normandy Tribunal and it's tournament to distribute its vis resources. Needless to say, every tribunal is followed by a tournament of games of skill and magic. Winners of the tournament are allowed to pick from various prizes such vis sources, enchanted items and book. It is of this last item that I have a question. At our most recent tournament we were able to win a complete and I believe original copies two huge tractatus on Corpus written by written by Cannophori. They appear to be bound in human skins. I've encloses a copy of the opening page in hopes that you will recognize it.

My question deals with the Calf and Cow oath. I have learned that Methuselah was lost on his way to Mons Electi and has been presumed dead. Having read your pater's work and talked at length about it to another magus, he has asked if he may get a copy of both tractatus. His religion prevents the touching of the dead so he has gone through me to inquire permission to copy the both tractatus on less offense medium. I would gladly pay you for the rights to copy the books and I will do the copying.

Please send a reply with my brother redcap.

Yours in friendship
Korvin ex Mercere.

Arrived 1227.2, about three week before Tribunal.

To: Korvin Merceris ab Mons Electi
From: Azura Merceris ab Phoenix

I will be arriving within a week to prepare the Mercury's Blessing for Abigail. The House is providing all the vis necessary for the ritual, and I understand from your previous letter that she has selected one Praxiteles Jerbitonis from the Rhine Tribunal to be the father. Arrangements have been made, and the typical fee will be paid for this from the House coffers. Look forward to seeing you.


This letter is penned in the winter of 1226. It is written quickly in a casual, familiar hand with rather thin letters, but upon high-quality Mons Electi parchment; the impression in the wax seal has been made with Tranquillina's coin sigil.

Dear Ariel,

It's always good to hear from you, and to hear that you grow ever more settled at Val Negra - and in your role as Prima, which I know you are filling admirably. I am more settled here as well, though perhaps with a bit more caution than I might have bothered with back up at Nigrasaxa. I started the year reading up on Parma Magica, and also spent some time this summer designing a defensive spell (of nature secret!) to improve our covenant's protection. It wasn't until the leaves started turning, it seems, that I was finally able to tends to my own needs, studying my favored Art from those gigantic tomes we won (Mons Electi, that is) in the last Tribunal, and also arranging a substantial corner of my laboratory so that my Pedestal is prominently featured.

On to other magi though: Roberto Rodriguez now joins us as a probationary member. Is he as hot-headed as he seems? I think his heart is in the right place, but I don't know whether his presence causes us to be more or less safe at Mons Electi. Though none would say outright, the other Flambeau here gave me the impression that Roberto is here on your instruction. This is reassuring in the abstract, yet I still wish I understood the specific situation that compelled his presence. Worry not, my friend, I do not hope to force you to divulge any House secrets. That being said ... care to divulge a few House secrets, related to this?

Speaking of the other Flambeau, I have gained some familiarity with them these last three years. On the surface Alexei acts like a noble dilettante, but he wears his Crusader's badge with pride, and his reputation as a Hermetic warrior is quite solid and, from what I can tell, deserved. He was the first to graciously welcome me to Mons Electi, and he certainly can turn a phrase well when impassioned. Isen - well, despite his cold reputation, he is not impossible to work with. Indeed, he has positively shone with enthusiasm (relatively speaking) when I cast my first Ward of the Curious Scullion in his presence. (He was quite pleased with my current invention. So now you know how to find out!) He, and Jacques as well, were instrumental in safely retrieving Marcus from the Magic Realm (that is quite a story - I shall tell you more when I see you next year) and in keeping me safe from harm.

You asked whether I knew aught of Thormod. Yes and no: I have communicated with him briefly, when he wrote to inquire about our stonemasons (having heard about the vast constructions we are erecting for the upcoming Tribunal). He is notoriously close to the vest, as I had heard. But I wonder whether the following sentence is telling: "Never doubt that our requests are made under the total direction of Archmaga Geirlaug, in person or otherwise." Why would he add the last phrase? It reminds me of this scheme I uncovered at the 1214 Stonehenge meeting, while talking with Caitlin. (Tranquillina relates a tale about Scintilla ex Flambeau and her filius Focus, who was never seen in person by all accounts. A messenger from Burnham was cornered into admitting that Focus's signature on a particular contract was actually written by Scintilla, giving the covenant of Burnham quite a setback.) Other than the roles of parens and descendant being reversed, there are some curious similarities that definitely guide my suspicions about the origins of directives from Montverte.

Keep yourself well, my friend. I'm sorry to hear about Chloe's illness, but her recovery seems to be underway. I'm sure you have access to far better magic than mine, but if you should ever want me to support her health, just send me an Arcane Connection by Redcap and I can be there at once.


This letter is penned late in the fall in 1225, after a pleasing harvest festival for the Mons Electi covenfolk. It is written in a simple hand, with rather thin letters, on one of Mons Electi's excellent parchments; the impression in the wax seal seems to have been made with a coin of some sort.

Salve, Findabair.

At this time of year I am wont to reflect on other occasions of fellowship and hospitality from my past, and today I am recalling my visit to Cad Gadu nearly a decade ago, where you feted me almost to the breaking point. I trust that by now, our subsequent incident in the deep of night can safely be relegated to a comical anecdote. (Had I known your interest in Edward le Grand had nothing to do with inside information, I would have been much less confrontational!)

It is a shame that you and I had few chances to familiarize ourselves before my departure from Stonehenge. I can report at least a new acquaintance here at Mons Electi: one Fiona of your diverse House. She has the blood of the Gaelic highland giants within her (obvious at a glance); some coincidence that I, of all the people in Normandy the one whose birthplace is closest to hers, should end up at her covenant. (So far our relationship is still marked with personal caution: I gather this is common for her, and for my part I am still working through an unvirtuous uneasiness in her presence - her size perhaps, although that explanation rings not completely true....) Regardless, she is a valuable member of our council, and I have learned much about our Parma Magica from one of the summa that she merited from my Domus Magna.

As it happens, I have been engrossed in the study of a book with which you are surely familiar: In Flux Veritas, perhaps the earliest extant writing of the tradition of Mutante. Your prowess with Muto magics is of course well known (and deservedly so). I have some skill with such spells - not on a par with your own, I hasten to add - but my recent reading has made me wonder about its relation to Forms other than Corpus.

More specifically: when we call upon Muto Corpus magic, we have a great deal of perceptive experience with the possible results of such spells (visages, limbs, what have you). Lately I have been pondering a much different sort of spell, Muto Vim, where the target and desired state are much more abstract. I admit to having some trouble transferring my knowledge of one sort of spell to the other, and I wonder whether you might have considered such issues before.... (Tranquillina goes on to list three examples from In Flux Veritas. The first two examples are somewhat general in nature, and Tranquillina contrasts how she would incorporate them into a MuCo spell to her hesitations concerning the analogous MuVim spells. The third example is a MuVi spell explicitly described in the summa, about which Tranquillina's questions concern the range and duration, which are unspecified in the book.)

If you are able to spare the time for what must be somewhat naive queries, I would be most grateful for your perspective. I would be pleased to reciprocate, were you not already so skilled in Corpus magic, but there is possibly some small point or other on which I might be of service.

In the Founder's name,
Tranquillina Bonisagi