Levant Tribunal

I am having difficulty determining when the Levant became a tribunal. Anybody know?

I assume some time after 1099 ...

Since the foundation of the covenant of Urbs Rubra in the year 802. The magi had plenty of reason to journey to the Levant long before the Crusades. Some covenants took too active a role in the crusades - that to other magi might just have been a nuissance to the stability. The Tribunal then decided upon the Treaty of Baghdad that forbids members of the Tribunal to take any part in Crusades - on either sides.

Interesting. Is this from a previous Edition? In 5th Ed, GotF, no tribunals existed before 817 (serfs parma) when they created the Rhine, Normandy, Procencal, Alps, Rome, Eastern, Iberian, Britannian and Thebes Trbunals.


I had the same reservations on the date, but I just relooked in Blood & Sand and even if Urbs Rubra was founded it's more reasonable to set the date at 832, when the first Tribunal in the east was apperently convened. This info is from the splendid 4th edition supplement on the Levant - so it might be changed sometime in the future, but reasonably it doesn't seem forthcoming soon.

Works for me! Danke,