What sort of magical light sources would magi use?
One idea is for some sort of glowing crystal ball.

That is called a light bulb, abe

PLenty of examples of this in official sources, and most troupes can come up with their own extremely easily here. Mass-produced items and ring spells are in the order of the day here

This also brings back my idea of Verdi being a huige workshop where apprentices do 3 years of BORING small items in a chain process to teach them discipline and enrich their masters/house. Small magic items like this one would easily be sold by the bunch, asince covenants need them in heaps. Cheap, but limited duration and all that to make sure yopu have a steady flow of customers



if I would like instead to create a spell allowing me to have a shining fluctuating light like that one of a torch that follows me, which is the spell I have to create?

Just stutter when verbally casting a low level CrIg spell. :wink: