Like a Rat and NPC File

2 quick things:

1.) I'm trying to find a copy of "Like a Rat" the Feng Shui story Greg Stolze wrote. It is 7 pages long from what I understand if anyone can help with this please let me know.

2.) I'm working on a master NPC listing for Feng Shui. My listing for the NPCs includes a picture, and the stat block info. I don't give the rules for unique NPC schticks in the block. This is a refrence tool, not ment to take the place of actually having the book. In cases where I've gt 2 diffrent sets of stats I did 2 diffrent write ups posting the older one first, the Prof and Desdemona Death Angel are example of this. Any errata that is known is also incorporated in the write up.
If anyone wants to help please let me know. I'm looking for people to help with typing up the other characters and with getting art images.
Currently I have over 130 of the NPCs done from varrious books, with the Shadowfist or other "official" color artwork for them for each character. This is a long term project I've been working on.