Line Editor on Television

So, I'm going to be on television in a couple of days. The channel in question is NHK World, which is the Japanese national broadcaster's international channel. The program is therefore in English, not Japanese, and can be seen all over the world. It will be broadcast six times on Tuesday 16th July, UTC, and the program is half an hour long.

The page about the program is:

There are links at the top and bottom of the page to pages explaining how to watch it on television if you happen to have the right cable subscriptions. If you want to watch it online, the channel is streamed on their top page.

You can get a higher-resolution stream from there, and there are iOS and Android apps as well.

This has nothing at all to do with Ars Magica, and a lot to do with cows, but I thought some people might be interested in seeing what I look like. The program is also about a beautiful region of Japan.

For years I was convinced David looked like Morten Harket...

I always imagined him with straw blond hair, fairly tall and without glasses, teaching in a 14th-15th century building, and going around on a bike. Strange what your mental images can be.

In your case, timothy, you have a beard.

I had one for three weeks once.

Now that I'm 40, it would be streaked with grey, but not in the cool way. Also, my wife would shave it off while I slept after putting drugs in my tea. 8)

(You do actually carry a flaming sword, though, Xavi?)

Thanks for sharing David. I always am so surprised how normal RPG designers are. I dunno, I keep expecting them to look like James Bond or something, I have no idea why.

Nah, I only carry a burning cane for daily usage. My flaming sword is in the closet for the party days when we go play with big creatures or the mother-in-law comes to visit. Otherwise my custos and covenfolk complained about the smell and soot I was leaving all around.


That your mother-in-law continues to visit suggests your flaming sword is ineffective. :smiley:

She is an archmage to my journeyman status. If I do not want to be expelled from the Order I need to act nice. I am using it for show more than anything. Great for playing piƱata and all that.

I just watched most of it. That was fun but... man you really are young! At leasy now I can put a face on the Bonisagus Primus. :laughing:

Lovely programme, David! Especially liked the pasture in the sky and the bull-theme in a strange coincidence became yet another inspiration for a bull-focused Cretan character (apprenticed by Marcus Scholae Criamonis, MoH) I'm currently writing on for a new Ars saga.

Having enjoyed your lucid blog for years - which I believe have had pictures on occassion - it was not surprising to see a face on the Line Editor. However, adding a voice, and a soft diplomatic one at that, was new and you strike a very nice storytelling stance, a reminder on how diplomats, teachers, and storytellers are certainly all threads weaven from the same fabric. :wink:

It's on right now! :slight_smile: