Lion and the Lily maps :)

So, I got Lion and the Lily the other day, and I must say that this might be, in my opinion, the best book yet. So thanks to Atlas for this one. Really good work. Well, all the books are really good work, but this one stands out even from the others :slight_smile:
I really like the more detailed regional maps in this book.

I was wondering though, if there would be any possibilities putting out the maps in the book on the website, like it was done with the map in Guardians of the Forests? That would be great. :slight_smile:


Glad you like them. :slight_smile: Still, a few errata are necessary... Whilst one tries to include every city or town of note in 1220, this is a difficult job, and, perhaps inevitably, some slip through the net. The worst offender is Harfleur - the principal seaport of Normandy - which somehow got missed! It should have been on both the Tribunal map, and on the map of Normandy, at the mouth of the Seine in between Havre and Dragon's Rest. There are also a couple of less important omissions (Honfleur, opposite Harfleur, and Mesen/Messines in Flanders). That's all that I am aware of, but I suspect there may be more...

I've said before and i'll say again you did wonderful work on the maps. And you mean you have not heard of the destruction of Harfleur by the dragon Pan Caudarax in 1196? He obviosuly burnt Honfleur on the way back.

cj x :smiley: :smiley: