[LM/BM] Humiliation/Horror Of Horrors, and defending attacks

I hope I didn't scare everyone away...

This came up while playing today.

My friend used Big Combo on me.
I used Humiliation, canceling the Big Combo.
My friend used Humiliation, canceling my Humiliation, and putting the Big Combo back in play.

At this point, can I defend against the Big Combo? I had a Block that I wanted to use, but she said that after the Humiliation thing I couldn't. But technically her Humiliation only canceled my Humiliation, making the Big Combo in play, so shouldn't be able to defend against the Big Combo as normal?

I guess the question is, why couldn't you play your normal defense"?

The Humiliation is a special card that interupts the attack. Its not even technically a Defense. If she Humiliated your Humiliation, after she throws her free attack, you are right back where you started right? Waiting to throw a defense card.

And even if Humiliation were a defense card, Big Combo lets you play 2 defense cards.

My 2 cents!

Yeah that's what I thought. I think she was just trying to trick me into letting her win! Thanx man. Did you read through those rules I made? Any ideas for mixing the sets?

What I'd really like to see done is utilize some small icons to help denote what the cards do. If you've ever played any other card games like Magic etc there are small symbols that are easily recognizable that are short-hand for bits of key information. It think it would help create a one-page summary of all the expansions.

So instead of having a textual description of the various aspect sof a card that end up taking 4 or 5 sentimces, it can get summed up with a couple of icons.

So maybe all Basic Attack cards have a small blue circles with a white fist in it. Damage is a triangle with the number in it. Specialty attack cards that require a Grab first have an orange oval with a little white pop-eye arm in it. Block is a shield, and Dodge is a, umm, an arrow pointing down (to represent ducking?). Etc etc. Even the expansion it came from can be iconized (Lunchbox, a Stick and a stone, and beer mug)?

So in the document it mights show an entry for Kick like this, with the parens being the icons:

Kick (2) (Fist) (Sheild) (Arrow) (Lunchbox)

This would tell you it does 2 pts, its a basic attack, it can be defended againt with a Block or a Dodge, and is part of the LunchMoney set.

I once tried something similar but only for Beer Money, but I ran out of steam. I was trying to make it card-sized, but I think a page-sized document prined fropm excel or whatever that covers all of the game sets would be awesome.


Honestly, if an updated copy of lunchmoney came out with symbols on the cards a number of quick references for the symbols, I would go out and buy the game again.
The Pictures and quotes are funny and suits the theme but really doesn't help play any.
I have seen a number of different 'quick reference' card that people have designed. None of which are all the quick to follow and most have a tiny font to fit with the cards.
Playing the game with a new group takes a while and can lose the enjoyment as people search for the rules every time they pick up.

I just asked basically the same question here... https://forum.atlas-games.com/t/lunch-money-beer-money-general-rules-question-on-defense/3035/1

... as our group generally assumes "You had a chance to defend, it was Humiliated, can't throw another Defense card."

I'm ok with "only one chance to respond to an attack" but the rules don't specifically state one way or another. I came to the forums just wondering about this.

Like what about this scenario:

Player 1 plays a Grab
Player 2 defends with a Dodge
Player 3 Humiliates the Dodge so that the Grab goes through.
Player 1 plays Power Play, then Smite w/Weird on it.
Player 2 then defends with Backlash which reverses the combo onto Player 1.
Player 3 then gets their free basic attack on Player 1.

See... I think the above should be allowed... essentially even though the Dodge was Humiliated, Player 2 could still use Backlash. My group would say, "No, you had your defense chance with Dodge and it was Humiliated. You don't get a second chance."

As long as your group is consistent, I see no problem with either interpretation... but since the rules don't forbid multiple defense cards in response, I think it should be allowed.


I replied in the linked thread...