Longevity rituals and Aegis/Magic Resistance

A longevity ritual is a magical effect constantly affecting the recipient.

Does this mean a magus using a longevity ritual cannot touch another magus protected by Parma (or any creature with magic resistance, for that matter)?

What happens to the longevity ritual if a magus enters an area protected by an Aegis?

What happens to the longevity ritual if a magus is targeted by a Wind of Mundane Silence?

I had the impression the longevity ritual is treated more akin to a charged item than to a spell (specifically Ritual, not ritual). Certainly it seems somewhat akin to the familiar bond, the way it's made. If those are the case, it would require Ritual magic to remove it and Wind of Mundane Silence would not work.

As for Parma Magica, that depends on your take. It's our most regular debate, just in a mildly new setting. I'm of the view that lets magic items through magic resistance, just that their effects on the resisted are blocked. As the longevity ritual isn't affecting anyone you punch, to me it is irrelevant vis-a-vis Parma Magica.

I have to double-check Aegis of the Hearth.


There is an interesting idea here: A spell that voids a longevity ritual....

Attacking the Longevity Ritual directly with PeVi is very difficult - first you'd have to sense it then I agree it would be a ritual akin to the braking a familiar bond spell. OTOH causing an immediate aging crisis should be an ordinary PeCo formulaic of lower magnitude (and so more penetrating) than a death spell. Multicast it and the first hit will use up the Ritual and the second will leave the target bedridden for a while and at risk of complications.

Count me in the magic items, longevity ritualed magi, creatures with Might and most anything else that is not in one of the classes exemplified as affected by MR in the core book should not be affected by MR camp.

The discussion on attacking the Parma the other day had me wondering the same thing. How would you know it was gone? You might, I guess, but dang, would you want to deal with whomever did that to you right then, or get your ritual back on...

I think that'd be akin to either asking for a March or a War. It's certainly depriving the target of their power. The aging crisis spell is a good idea.