Longevity Rituals, Redcaps and Mystic Flaws

Since Redcaps are not hermetic wizards, they would presumably be picking up an additional Minor Flaw within five years of getting their first Longevity Ritual and the second flaw within thirty years of getting their Longevity Ritual. The section on Warping on p168 of the core rulebook suggests that if a majority of the warping points come from a single source, then the flaw would be related to that source.

What flaws do people think would fit with warping points from a Longevity potion? If there is only a handful of flaws, how come that flaw is not linked to Redcaps?

from the top of my head....

Personality flaws are an easy choice here. You get somewhat mental.
Difficult underlings could also work as a side effect form your magical taint. You are not tainted, but it seems like you are somehow.
Or you are tainted and get magical air
Wanderlust also works (same case as mental flaws)
Lycanthrope can also work in some scenarios. remember you can turn into some stuff that are not wolves. Turning int o a stallion of virtue might be adequate if you live in a way station for example. lots of stories with knights wanting to acquire the (obviously underused) amazing horse from that bunch of beggars that wouldn't know what to do with it.

IMS most redcaps never get a longevity potion anyway. And most that do have at least a minor supernatural flaw that align them to the legendary realms. Redcaps might have the status of magi, but they basically get a better living than normal Europeans. That is their reward already. Only truly exceptional redcaps get a longevity potion.

I think that every longevity potion is a "different" source, so I would not expect the same flaw to apply to all redcaps (though maybe, if the creator of the longevity potion is the same...).

That said, I agree with Xavi that minor personality flaws are a very good choice for at least one of the two minor flaws derived from warping.

I would point that most of the other flaws that Xavi lists are Major ones -- meaning they are really useful only for Warping scores of 6+ (i.e. for Redcaps over a century old, unless they get routinely exposed to a lot of warping effects); although an Astrological version of them (which makes them apply only during the Mutable months, and makes them Minor Flaws) would certainly be appropriate.

My other favourites are: Fragile Constitution, Offensive to Animals, Disfigured, Unruly Air (A&A), Faerie Antipathy (RoP:F), Motion Sickness, Environmental Sensitivity (RoP:M).

Ah, I was explicitly searching for major flaws here. My Ars-fu fgot a botch roll and thought you got a major flaw as your first one :blush:

You still get the idea, though. Dozens of options open to you :slight_smile: Just use the list of virtues and flaws that can be found in the Atlas website. Easy to scan and check for ideas. This is what I did :slight_smile: