Looking for a co-author for a Sub Rosa article

Sodales! Hi!

I was working on an article for Sub Rosa about playing in 1066 instead of 1220, and I've run out of steam. Linda and I are expecting a baby in eight weeks, and it's been a heck of a year with one thing and another, and so I'm having real trouble getting it finished. Or even properly started, really.

So, if anyone is familiar with the period, and would like to co-author a Sub Rosa article on it with me, can they send me a PM? Or just answer here? I don't suppose it matter is there turn out to be three or four of us. 8)

What level of familarity would be expected? I'm interested and have read a bit, but I'm no historian.

Thanks for the many generous offers of support!

Those of you not involved in that, I hope you'll think the article we write is excellent.

And thank you from me too. We're working on a very special project, of which this article is a part, so it's a great opportunity to get your foot in the door.


I don't know which is more exciting... No, not true, definitely the baby on the way! But the article and teaser are pretty exciting. I know far too little about that period, and even less when compared to many on these forums, to be of help. But I can at least say bravo!

Congratulations, Timothy and Linda! Looking forward to seeing the article...

Seconded. On both counts.