Looking for a few testers to help me improve my Ars Magica app

I have been tinkering with my Ars Magica character and covenant manager for a while now and at a stage where I really need more testers to help me iron out any bugs & add enhancements. There are still features I want to add, but what I am looking for is volunteers who would be willing to set up their covenant and have their players add their characters to then use the app for ongoing character and covenant management.

It is web-based (PC or tablet use) and while Firefox should work, def prefers Chrome. If you are willing to help test, send me a priv message.


Thank you to the brave volunteers! I've received some great feedback so far and will continue to improve. Hope to someday make this available to anyone who might find it useful :slight_smile:


If you want, I can help on this. ^^

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Hi LadyAth, I can be a tester too, if you want :slight_smile:

If you search French tester i can be that one

You mean, a French tester with a working brain, 2 hands that can type, and who ain,exhausted half the time^^

Bienvenue! :slight_smile:

Yes to all but not only half the time :grinning:

French...ehm...I can hardly manage English! :wink: