Looking for a reference

I seem to half remember something from one of the books of a mentem (ReMe?)effect that simulated the effect of a trained group in a group of people for a limited duration. Am i making this up or can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks

I don't know if you're making it up, but you're confusing the hell outa me. "the effect of a trained group in a group"... huh?

Mentem, so, yes, you are probably talking about "people", good. But trained... how? In a skill? Coordinated attacks? A "hive mind" sort of effect? Sorry, but you're not giving much to go on, here. :confused:

You're probably remembering the Jerbiton section of HoH: Societates, page 70. It contains a spell that removes a group's ability to fight as a unit.

John: Thanks for the reply. I don't own that book so I doubt that is it, but I was thinking of the very opposite.. instilling a group with the ability to act as a trained group, I could very well be making it up, I just half-remembered the idea and I thought I had read about the effect somewhere either as a magic item, creature power, or spell and was looking to see if it was a viable idea in my current campaign.

Cuchulainshound: I may not have given a lot of information, but you still seemed to have gotten the general idea, so it must have been enough. Thank you for being so helpful in your reply. You wouldn't happen to be a regular Berklist poster would you?

I actually remember Societates talks about Hermetic magic being unable to create this effect (along with increasing your Ability or Art scores and so on) - something about "procedural memory" or whatnot.

Okay, looks like I need to go to the book store and pick that one up. Thank you Yair and Dave.

See - a coherent question. That wasn't hard, was it? Nope, wouldn't touch it with a 10' post.

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