Looking for a spell


I'm one session in to a new campaign that I am running, and a spell I had thought to include in the covenant's Libraray doesn't seem to exist

I'm looking for a spell that transports a Magus's Laboratory from it's initial place to a new environment. I vaguely remember reading it, but now can't find it. Ive checked:

atlas-games.com/pdf_storage/ ... hnique.pdf

Does anyone remember seeing such a spell.

If not, how would I go about designiong such a spell? I'm very weak at understanding the guidelines, so any help would be much appreciated!

In case the spell appears to be too difficult for the Magi to cast, how much of an impediment would a lack of equipment be? Can a Lab be in the words of one of my players "just two earthenware pots" (they are in iceland, and transporting Glassware over the North Sea is quite Tricky...)

Thanks, Bob

That would be the Ambulatory Laboratory, from covenants, p. 122.
The errata has the following to say about it:

Traditional lab equipment would be glass, but that mostly pre-supposes access to Venice and her glassmakers either directly or via traders. Who knows what goods Viking raiders from Iceland may have thought worth plundering in the past (adventure ahoy!) but I see no hard and fast reason that you couldn't allow alternative materials to be used. Perhaps start with a small penalty on lab work, say -3, for the first season they work with "sub-standard" (according to normal Hermetic snobbery) materials and slowly decrease the penalty over time as they get used to using alternative equipment.