Looking for an AM5 game in the Philadelphia, New Jersey area

Hello people, I have been reading through the Ars Magica books for years now, and I still haven't been able to play. The reason is because I don't know anyone from my area who plays. My dnd group is done indefinitely, I play shadowrun once a month (those guys don't want to play AM5), and I really need an rpg fix! I figured I would try here to see if anyone is running a campaign, or would like to play in a campaign in or around my location. I am from philly, but I am willing to travel 6 hours to Pittsburgh every weekend to play. Please can someone help me? Thanks for your time people.


I can't help, i'm in the wrong country. Just posting to say DEAR GOD, THATS THE BIGGEST AVATAR I'VE EVER SEEN Oo. heh :smiley:

I'm in Sayreville in NJ, and a big Ars Magica fan. Moved here in October, and have not gotten a chance to get Ars off the ground. PM me and we can see if commuting and getting a group together is possible.


this is great. i, too, have just started reading up on ars magic 5th edition and i'd like to get in on a game. i'm in runnemede, nj, just about fifteen minutes across the river from philly. are you guys interested in another player?

I am very interested in playing with you guys. Sorry I have'nt been on the posts in a while, but send me a PM and lets fill in the details.


Did anything ever come of this? I'm in the Philly area, and would love to play or co-SG a game of Ars Magica.