Looking for an ArM5 Game


I'm new to this forum, though a long time ago I was active on the BerkList. As you can guess from the title and location of this post, I'm looking to get into a PbP or PbEMgame.

A little about me:

By profession, I'm a musician and a hypnotist, though my plan in life was
to be a professor of Anglo-Saxon literature. (I have a Master's Degree in
English.) Despite that, I'm really not a gung-ho purist when it comes to
Ars Magica; I think there's a point where arguing about the medieval
paradigm just gets silly.

Being a self-employed entrepreneur, I'm devilishly busy, which is why I
don't really get to do any tabletop gaming anymore, so you may have to be
patient with me. Even though I have a busy schedule, I've found recently
that I'm re-reading old character sheets and really longing to game again.

My history with Ars Magica starts with the first edition. I owned the only
copy of it I ever saw, and I was the SG for our game. We did it a little
bit more D&D style than troupe-style, since I was working to get people
interested in the system. Since then, I've run or played at least a little bit in
every edition except fifth, which I'm now reading more or less for the
first time. Oh, yeah, and I am technically a published ArM author--I wrote
a few paragraphs in one of the books.

I love role-playing, not roll-playing. My feeling on role-playing vs.
kicking ass is that it's fun to do both, and they're not mutually
exclusive. :slight_smile: I like games that are driven by the characters, not the SG
ramming a story down our throats. I'm extremely bored with characters that
have a "Destiny"--I'd much rather roleplay an average Joe than someone from the Cult of Heroes.

While generally I say there are no small parts, only small-minded roleplayers--if I'm going to invest the time to be in a game, I'd like to play a Magus this time.

Feel free to reply here or PM me!


You are welcome to have a look at Light of Andorra and see if it may be something you are interested in :smiley:

Thanks, Marko. At a quick glance, I can tell Light of Andorra has a lot going on!

I'm currently checking out one other game I've been invited to, but I want you to know I really appreciate your invitation.