Looking for Ars Magica 5th Ed Game

Hey folks, I'm new to Ars Magica but I'd love to give a PbP game a try.

Pros: 18 years experience in roleplaying games (character/story-based rather than combat heavy games), applying for a master's degree in medieval history

Cons: No prior experience with Ars Magica...although at the rate I'm going through the books I would say that I'm familiar with the setting

Please let me know if you've got a space available in your game!


Hi Arkham. I'm in the very initial stages of planning a PbP saga. It'll be in the Loch Leglean tribunal, mainly because I read about Ailsa Craig and thought 'were I a medieval wizard, that wouldn't be a bad place to call home'.

So, the basic idea would be a small covenant (2-4 magi) who have come to Ailsa Craig after leaving dissolving covenants or the aonaronan lifestyle.* The saga involves unravelling the mystery of the Order of Odin.


  • [size=85]Have you read Lion of the North? If not, you're really not missing anything, and certainly nothing important to the saga I'm planning.[/size]

Eclection, i would be very interested also... IMO only 2years of playing, (and only the 5th, although i have other books by friend gifts) but i like the order of odin...

I would like to join your game...

I would still be interested in playing as well. :smiley: What time are you looking to start things up?

Thanks, Arkham. As I've said to Exar and JeanMichelle (who PM'ed me), I'm waiting for an answer from one of my long-time tabletop players. I should hear back from him pretty soon, I think. Also, I've discovered I need to move house fairly shortly, which will take me offline for at least a week. I don't think it'd be a good idea for me to start a new saga until afterwards.

So, that all said, does mid-April sound good?

In the meantime, I'll get a game set up on the fourm. I'll also get a wiki up and going, and fill it with some setting details.

Okay, my RL player has just replied, and he's in! We are go!

You can find the new game forum here. It'll be character and covenant generation for a little while, with an expected kickoff of the first story somewhere between mid-April and early May.

A few notes:

  • The saga starts in 1245.
  • I want to have experienced magi (20-30 years post-gauntlet), though this is by no means a rule if you'd prefer to have a younger one.
  • I want to create the covenant collaboratively. Those of you who own Covenants, go to!

Collaborative covenant creation is a great deal of fun! It is in fact creating one of the characters for your saga--the covenant itself.

We did it in preparing for the Mystikae Eikona campaign and building the covenant was an excellent activity for the group as a whole as well as effectively binding the group together.

We brainstormed first and bounced ideas off each other. Some were adopted, some not. My own feeling is that even though it's not complete yet, our covenant is a living, breathing entity and will prove to be the greatest asset our saga has.

Of course the work also gives your storyguide all kind of ideas for potential stories, and he knows the players will be inetersted because they came up with the ideas themselves. :slight_smile: