Looking for NaGaDeMon ideas

So, I'm thinking of playing NaGaDeMon this year (which is NaNoWriMo) but for RPGs.

So, Nagademon being like Nanowrimo (I've given up on the caps, my puter hates them) the idea is to write an RPG supplement, publish it and play it, in November. It doesn't have to be 50 000 words, but if it is, then that counts as a NaNoWriMo Rebel win.

Any suggestions, people? If a guy wandered by and said "Hey...50 000 words...RPG sup...What do you want?" what would you say?

Now, some of your suggestions I may shut up about and they will just sink like a stone because I have some stuff that awaiting publication / I'm writing for paid publication / I've pitched for paid publication which I can't discuss, so if one of those comes up, I'm just going to ignore it, sorry, since I can't say "Oh, can't do X. Sold X to some people a while back. Can't do Y, hope to sell it next month."

You have a week, guys. I'll need to research a lot before we kick off. If I doin't get a corker of an idea by this time next week, I'll be doing something else for Libraries and Year of Reading and audiobooks which will be Great and Epic, but not roleplayingish at all.

Doesn't need to be Ars, but can be Ars. Doesn't need to be Mythic Europe because this is not a paid work, it's a fan piece.

Collaborators welcome. Kick in on the thread and we can blog this or wiki it or whatever.

So...what do you want?

The first idea to fall into my head was "Historical Dragons" which would describe history, probably stats, and stories involving the famous dragons of European (and maybe other areas') dragons.

The second was "In the footsteps of Odysseus". A large(ish) module/adventure/Saga following the steps of Odysseus for some purpose. And following up on that "Mythic Heroes" with short summaries of the great Heroes (Sigurd/Sigismund, Gilgamesh, Odysseus, Jason etc.) and how to use these as stories or with their adventures written up as modules.

"A journey to the East" which would be a module/adventure based around Marco Polos travels to China. Avoiding the enormous challenge of a full China/Asia sourcebook by making it into a module/adventure and describing just the parts relevant for the adventure.

As you can see I like adventures, Sagas and modules as they give lots of more story ideas than pure settings for me. And since they seem to be less economically feasible, I would love to see something like that as a well worked out fan work.

For Ars I would also like "The big book of covenants" with a chapter detailing each one with story, stats, inhabitants and story seeds.

Or maybe an alternative setting exploring a society where the "don't meddle in mundane politics" isn't present? What would/could the impact be on society when the Order is a real and visible power. What is the impact in society when a select few randomly(?) distributed chosen few can do very powerful magic?

At least these are the first ideas :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley:

I think that a based on spirit of AM5 but for a Future or similar ambient could be ver cool, i mean that i fel the Space opera or the cyber punk very abused on roleplaying to the future; in the same way that the Mythic Europe breacks some stablishment from fantasy something could be done under the futuristic brackground rpgs.
On AM5 i think that the others Tribunals should be very good things. We have the Human Tribunal (Normandy), the Mythic (Thebas) and the hermit savage (Rhine); maybe the On War and Struggle Tribunal (Iberia) or the Really Exotic (Novgorod) shouldbe very important, but i am not sure.
A book for/about Companions just like Magi of Hermes for Magi should be great too.

I ran an adventure a few years back based on the Hounds of the Baskervilles. Mine was set in the Roman Tribunal, there were demon dogs (of course), curses, the thief in the attic...etc. I got the idea from the movie of the same starring Christopher Lee and the usual Sherlock. No one in my troupe figured out where I got the idea from, and I named the Manor Baskerville and just used Babelfish to sorta translate it into Italian.

Worked pretty good as most of the Sherlock adventures, with a little tweaking, would.

A space/future concept.

First "First meetings" The game would allow for mixing and matching every element of a alien species, everything from how they communicate, how they eat breath sleep sex ect, beliefs in non corporeal existences, governments, economies, and whatever you can think of. For simplicity sake say you can purchase 10 positive aspects of your species, with ten negative aspects.

((Maybe a positive aspect is instinctual language or math based language or telepathy each of these allow you to communicate with any of the other creatures immediately on first contact, balanced with a negative aspect, you eat your dead which is socially/morally/religious/or legally repulsive to almost all other species. You have to keep that secret.))

((Maybe a positive could be internal power source, you are a machine based species with your own tap into zero point energy, ect. balanced with the negative that you are incapable of mystical knowledge... or whatnot))

The endless mixing and matching of aspects of the species would lead to some awesome combinations. Then the game starts with your species arriving to a massive world/spaceship/spacestation/ect. Some central place which the other player characters are also arriving for the first time (unless of course you take the positive aspect: established contact where your species would have been there for decades or centuries already) and the game is basically how your species deals with others, how alliances are made and/or possibly figuring out why they were abducted or what it is like being a new addition to a galaxy spanning government, ect. The "why" species are there I suppose would be determined by the author, or it could be left open to storyteller genius.

The game could be battle, intrigue, social, scientific, ect. What you want you could make.

This may be WAY too much work, in which case a Ars Idea:

"Forgotten Ways" Take Ars back to when humans are just beginning to form societies. Perhaps some solid or early Bronze age work. Humans living in the shadows of the Magic and fairy entities, fearful of the night and holding to magic traditions that keep them safe. ick as I read it... not the best of thoughts

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