Looking for PbP game

Greetings all!

Looking for a 5th edition PbP game, have some grasp of the rules but only experience in a few 3rd edition sessions. Could be in English or español!


Are you willing to take over existing characters?

Sure, why not?

Praesidium Orae is looking for someone to take over two existing characters- Andros ex Flambeau and Camilla.

Hi, silveroak, I've been reading the posts, and I still have so many to go through!

The concept is: create Parens, play them through a super fast saga in the Normandy Tribunal, and then, after the apprentices have been gauntleted, play a slower saga with the new magi, right?

From what I could gather (have not seen the character sheet), Andros is a Flambeau Corpus specialist with lots of masteries, specifically taking advantage of Lab Mastery and Adaptive Mastery. He already has an apprentice..is she fully statted also? Need to fully digest this pair. I don't think I have the rules-knowledge depth to fully grasp where the former player was going with this. But I can try, even if I'll constantly be pestering you and the other players for suggestions. I can dedicate about 2 hours at night, usually, to catch up.

So what's the procedure?

Interested in that Mythic Companion combo offer! :slight_smile:

I am reviving Andorra if you are interested :slight_smile:


Ha! I've read quite a few of the posts for that Saga, it was quite fun...let's see, the last I read the retinue was in the City of Brass.

Thanks for the invite! Thing is I just recently joined silveroak's Praesidium Orae, so I would be hesitant to commit until I see how much of my time is eaten up. If there's still some space in a month or so, and I feel I can take on a second saga, then sure, I've got the Ars shakes something fierce. :stuck_out_tongue: You have a link with the character creation/basic house rules you have in place?


Stories are scattered all over the place. What caught my attention here was this...

It is an opportunity to dabble, get your feet wet a bit without either committing or not committing. If you are interested. If you ould like to see our House Rules, which are in sore need of repair and refining, you can find them here.